some minor changes to adpat for the situation when no digits or clusters avalbale
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHDisplFast.cxx
2004-01-26 kirsome minor changes to adpat for the situation when...
2004-01-12 kirdigitization under AliSimulation fixed, all the informa...
2003-11-26 dibariNew optical properties in. New AliRICHreco.Small mods...
2003-11-10 kirSome rule violations fixed
2003-11-05 kirold digits-clusters removed
2003-10-30 hristovUsing new for arrays with undefined size
2003-10-29 kirAliRICHDispFast cluster H2 reset added
2003-10-29 dibariDisplay of new clusters added
2003-10-27 kir1D removed, AliRICHParam as static
2003-10-24 dibariCurrent solution for display events.