New developments of the analysis framework - selectorised version of the manager...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHRecon.h
2006-11-02 kirSome code violations fixed
2006-10-27 kirMAJOR UPGRADE: 1. all objects are counted from 0 2...
2006-09-01 kir-Weffc warnings removed
2006-05-19 kirProb vector is assigned in FillESD(), some clarificatio...
2006-03-28 kirCompliance with AliAlignObj
2005-10-07 dibariGet methods + minor improvements added.
2005-08-24 dibarifunction HoughFiltering no more inside code
2005-08-23 dibariPossibility to run standalone PatRec without run again...
2005-05-31 dibariMore precise response function of the RICH has been...
2004-09-27 kirUneeded methodes removed
2004-09-25 kirNew Geom, support for ESD- major change
2003-10-30 hristovNon-implemented member functions commented out
2003-10-29 dibaricleanup code violations
2003-10-28 kirFirst squeeze of cleaning
2003-10-24 dibariMore improvements
2003-10-22 dibariNew class AliRICHRecon added (AliRICHPatRec replaced)