Increment the version number
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHResponseV0.cxx
2001-11-08 dibarictor with initialising of parmeters added
2001-09-05 hristovThe energy of feedback photons calculated correctly
2001-05-10 jbarbosaChanged call to SetTrack.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRe-definition of IntPH() to accomodate for wire sag...
2000-12-01 morschReplace in argument of SetTrack(..) string constant...
2000-10-03 morschUse AliSegmentation and AliHit abstract base classes.
2000-10-02 fcaRemoval of useless dependecies via forward declarations
2000-06-12 jbarbosaCleaned up version.