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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / CreateConfig.C
2004-11-09 kirnew entry
2004-11-09 dibariadditional entries
2004-10-18 dibariForseen the possibility to have RICH reconstruction...
2004-10-15 dibariNew CreateConfig.C creates also RichBatch.C
2004-09-25 kirNew Geom, support for ESD- major change
2004-05-28 kirSagita added
2004-03-24 kiradaptation to AliConfig::GetDeafultFolderName
2004-03-03 kirTOF can't be created without FRAME error corrected
2004-01-26 kirsome minor changes to adpat for the situation when...
2004-01-15 kirversion 3 and all the old provision for that deleted...
2004-01-12 kirdigitization under AliSimulation fixed, all the informa...
2003-12-18 kirremove ConfigRich, as fully substitueted by
2003-12-10 dibariImprovement in cluster finder and other minors
2003-12-10 kirnew code