No return in void function (Alpha)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / Opticals.h
2004-12-15 kirRICH lib splitted
2004-12-08 dibariMinor bug fixed
2004-09-25 kirNew Geom, support for ESD- major change
2004-09-08 kirNews in drawing, nothing important
2003-11-26 dibariNew optical properties in. New AliRICHreco.Small mods...
2003-11-05 kirold digits-clusters removed
2003-10-30 kirTestReponse with new params
2003-10-30 kirNew QE values
2003-10-09 kirold and new style in paralel
2003-08-02 kirIndividual QE for each module
2003-07-16 kirInitial import