New TPC parameters
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / RichConfig.C
2006-08-03 kirNew TPC parameters
2006-05-25 kirminor changes
2006-05-19 kirProb vector is assigned in FillESD(), some clarificatio...
2006-05-16 kirMinor improvement
2006-05-11 kirObsolete TRD options removed + fast way to ask for...
2006-03-30 dibariMinor bugs
2006-03-30 kirnew way to setup field
2006-03-28 kirCompliance with AliAlignObj
2006-03-23 kirNew way of generator initializing
2006-02-28 kirObsolete TPC options removed, new magnetic field chooser
2005-10-28 kirminor impovements
2005-08-08 hristovRaw data reconstruction (K.Shileev)
2005-07-12 dibariNo TRD holes in front of RICH forseen
2005-05-31 dibariMore precise response function of the RICH has been...
2005-04-12 kirHit Digit Cluster in separate files to follow rules
2005-03-29 kirTic preliminary support in config and menu
2005-03-18 kirVHMPID support added
2005-02-28 kirRAW config options added
2005-01-24 kirsome scripts renames to RichXXX.C