minor fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / RichMenu.C
2006-11-09 kirminor fixes
2006-10-30 kirNew RICH esd track values are now in use
2006-10-27 kirMAJOR UPGRADE: 1. all objects are counted from 0 2...
2006-08-03 kirStore in ESD mip Q as pTrk->SetRICHnclusters(100000...
2006-05-24 dibariRichMenu modified to switch between aligned and misalig...
2006-03-31 kirNew MarixPrint() and -GetBz() in PropagateBack()
2006-03-28 kirCompliance with AliAlignObj
2005-11-08 dibariMinor changes ot protect against 1/0 values.
2005-10-28 kirRichAna() and CheckPR() moved to AliRICHReconstructor
2005-10-07 dibariGet methods + minor improvements added.
2005-08-23 dibariPossibility to run standalone PatRec without run again...
2005-07-20 dibariMinor change
2005-06-16 dibariMore plots...
2005-06-09 dibariAdd tools in RichMenu
2005-06-02 dibariBugs in rename same Reset methods. Improvement in display
2005-06-01 dibariBug in reset Sdigits. Fixed (+minor changes)
2005-05-31 dibariMore precise response function of the RICH has been...
2005-04-12 kirHit Digit Cluster in separate files to follow rules
2005-03-29 kirTic preliminary support in config and menu
2005-03-02 dibariFix ntuple in RecWithStack + minor updates
2005-03-02 kirRAW DDL first attempt, also virtual hidded problem...
2005-02-03 dibariPlots added
2005-01-24 kirsome scripts renames to RichXXX.C