Fix for multiple events per file: inhibit decrease of size of fParticleFileMap.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH /
2001-03-01 jbarbosaObsolete.
2001-02-28 jbarbosaMerger initialisation added.
2001-02-28 jbarbosaNew summable digits object.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaAdded setters and getters (have to cleanup code).
2001-02-27 jbarbosaRemoved compiler warning.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaMerger macro.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaImplementing merger class.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaTesting TreeS, removing of output.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaDifferent lego parameters.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaImproved handling of galice object...
2001-02-27 jbarbosaDo not create treeD anymore.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaChanged digit retrieval.
2001-02-27 jbarbosaTransition to SDigits.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaAdded fits.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaObsolete.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaNew gain variation diagnostics.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaNew gain variation diagnostics added.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaSingle Ring config file.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaSetters for wire sag effect and voltage values.
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRe-definition of IntPH() to accomodate for wire sag...
2001-02-23 jbarbosaRe-definition of IntPH() to accomodate for wire sag...
2001-02-23 jbarbosaCorrected photocathode definition in BuildGeometry().
2001-02-14 jbarbosaEnhanced full event Config
2001-02-13 jbarbosaChanges to make it work with new IO.
2001-02-13 jbarbosaMaybe more stable now...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaHave to create Digits trees and branches by hand in...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaInverted pad size definition (for the last time).
2001-02-13 jbarbosaSome redefining of histograms, parametrised pads matrix...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaNew data members for particle momentum when entering...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaCorrected some more positioning of points. Changes...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaRemoved all functions responsible for multiple cathode...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaRemoved fNsec (number of cathodes - obsolete) related...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaNew constructor (implemented in source). New Init().
2001-02-13 jbarbosaNew constructor (implemented in source).
2001-02-13 jbarbosaMoved setting of variables to constructor. Init is...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaMoved setting of variables to constructor. Init is...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaRemoved call to SetNSec() (obsolete). Fixed bug in...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaRemoved SetNSec(), obsolete function to deal with multi...
2001-02-13 jbarbosaParametrised definition of photcathode dimensions....
2001-02-05 hristovCompare() declared const (R.Brun)
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code
2001-01-25 morschDefault constructor added.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaAdded fDeadZone and corresponding getter.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaRedefinition of sectors and pad coordinates/real coordi...
2001-01-24 jbarbosaRemoved fDeadZone data member.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaMore readable.
2001-01-24 jbarbosaEnhanced BuildGeometry. Now the photocathodes are drawn.
2001-01-22 jbarbosaRemoving magic numbers
2001-01-22 jbarbosaSeveral tune-ups
2001-01-22 jbarbosaDummy padplane dimensions
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded member data and getters for padplane dimensions
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded parametrised definiton sectors
2001-01-22 jbarbosaadded dead zone size to data members
2001-01-22 jbarbosaAdded deadzone size to data members
2001-01-22 jbarbosaCorrected invertes arguments in pad size setter
2001-01-22 jbarbosaSmall patch
2001-01-17 jbarbosaNew call to RICHHelp
2001-01-17 jbarbosaNew version of help (still very insuficient)
2001-01-17 jbarbosaObsolete
2001-01-17 jbarbosaUpdated destructor (thanks to P. Hristov)
2000-12-20 jbarbosaRemoved dependencies on TGeant3 (thanks to F. Carminati...
2000-12-18 jbarbosaFull event Config.C for RICH studies.
2000-12-18 jbarbosaRICH specific Config.C
2000-12-18 jbarbosaCleaned up PadHits object.
2000-12-18 jbarbosaTook two lines out of output.
2000-12-15 jbarbosaGeometry and materials updates (wire supports, pcbs...
2000-12-06 morschCorrect double declared data members.
2000-12-01 morschReplace in argument of SetTrack(..) string constant...
2000-11-15 jbarbosaModified calls to x-z lego plots
2000-11-15 jbarbosaSome more histograms for 3D reconstruction diagnostics
2000-11-15 jbarbosaRemoved all 'cout'
2000-11-15 jbarbosaTurned on spot algorithm.
2000-11-10 jbarbosaAdded declaration of fTlength (thanks to P. Hristov)
2000-11-10 jbarbosaBug fix for AliRICHCerenkov (thanks to P. Hristov)
2000-11-03 jbarbosaNo more vn's, using AliTOFv0 and AliTRDv0
2000-11-02 jbarbosaMinor bug correction (some pointers were not initialise...
2000-11-02 jbarbosaRemoved AliRICHRecHit.h from include.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated default geometry.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated to use its own rec. point object.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaAliRICHRecHit1D and AliRICHRecHit3D.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaTwo new classes for both rec. points objects.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated to handle both reconstruction algorithms.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaNew rec. point object for 3D Hough reconstruction.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaNew rec. point object for 1D Hough reconstruction.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaObsolete.
2000-10-30 jbarbosaChanged default digitisation to all particles.
2000-10-26 jbarbosaMinor tune on elements dimensions.
2000-10-26 jbarbosaSupports for methane and freon vessels
2000-10-24 jbarbosaGeometry updates. Use of TPC and ITS bas versions ...
2000-10-24 jbarbosaUse of AliHit.
2000-10-24 jbarbosaCorrected RunLego() calls.
2000-10-24 jbarbosaGeometry updates.
2000-10-19 jbarbosaLego macro
2000-10-19 jbarbosaAdded Lego macros.
2000-10-19 jbarbosaSome more changes to geometry. Further correction of...
2000-10-17 jbarbosaInversed digtise by particle type (now, only the select...
2000-10-17 jbarbosaInversed digtise by particle type (now, only the select...
2000-10-11 jbarbosaCorrected bug introduced by earlier revisions (Cerenko...