the MIXT geometry (IHEP+GPS2) has been introduced
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH /
2000-12-06 morschCorrect double declared data members.
2000-12-01 morschReplace in argument of SetTrack(..) string constant...
2000-11-15 jbarbosaModified calls to x-z lego plots
2000-11-15 jbarbosaSome more histograms for 3D reconstruction diagnostics
2000-11-15 jbarbosaRemoved all 'cout'
2000-11-15 jbarbosaTurned on spot algorithm.
2000-11-10 jbarbosaAdded declaration of fTlength (thanks to P. Hristov)
2000-11-10 jbarbosaBug fix for AliRICHCerenkov (thanks to P. Hristov)
2000-11-03 jbarbosaNo more vn's, using AliTOFv0 and AliTRDv0
2000-11-02 jbarbosaMinor bug correction (some pointers were not initialise...
2000-11-02 jbarbosaRemoved AliRICHRecHit.h from include.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated default geometry.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated to use its own rec. point object.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaAliRICHRecHit1D and AliRICHRecHit3D.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaTwo new classes for both rec. points objects.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaUpdated to handle both reconstruction algorithms.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaNew rec. point object for 3D Hough reconstruction.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaNew rec. point object for 1D Hough reconstruction.
2000-11-01 jbarbosaObsolete.
2000-10-30 jbarbosaChanged default digitisation to all particles.
2000-10-26 jbarbosaMinor tune on elements dimensions.
2000-10-26 jbarbosaSupports for methane and freon vessels
2000-10-24 jbarbosaGeometry updates. Use of TPC and ITS bas versions ...
2000-10-24 jbarbosaUse of AliHit.
2000-10-24 jbarbosaCorrected RunLego() calls.
2000-10-24 jbarbosaGeometry updates.
2000-10-19 jbarbosaLego macro
2000-10-19 jbarbosaAdded Lego macros.
2000-10-19 jbarbosaSome more changes to geometry. Further correction of...
2000-10-17 jbarbosaInversed digtise by particle type (now, only the select...
2000-10-17 jbarbosaInversed digtise by particle type (now, only the select...
2000-10-11 jbarbosaCorrected bug introduced by earlier revisions (Cerenko...
2000-10-11 jbarbosaModified for use with AliHit
2000-10-04 morschNo default argument in Clear(char *)
2000-10-03 morschObsolete. Replaced by AliSegmentation and AliHitMap.
2000-10-03 morschUse AliSegmentation and AliHit abstract base classes.
2000-10-02 fcaRemoval of useless dependecies via forward declarations
2000-10-02 jbarbosaNew default version (15 mm freon).
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed memory leak.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed memory leak (delete fTrackList).
2000-10-02 jbarbosaInserted random number generator.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed forward declarations.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed forward declarations.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed several diagnostics.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed coding conventions.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed forward declarations.
2000-10-02 jbarbosaFixed forward declarations.
2000-09-13 hristovMinor corrections for HP, DEC and Sun; strings.h included
2000-09-12 fcazero hits area before using
2000-07-21 morschfNrawch = 0; and fNrechits = 0; in the default const...
2000-07-13 fcaMainly coding conventions + some small bug fixes
2000-07-12 fcaRe-correcting codecheck part
2000-07-11 fcaCoding convention corrections + few minor bug fixes
2000-07-10 fcaCorrection of the inheritance scheme
2000-07-10 fcaremoving binary file
2000-06-30 dibariInserted back the rule ckecker stuff
2000-06-30 dibariObsolete
2000-06-30 dibariNew diagnostics menu
2000-06-30 dibariConfiguration applet for RICH
2000-06-30 dibariMinor constant update
2000-06-30 dibariObsolete.
2000-06-30 dibariTwo new files to compile: AliRICHv2.cxx and AliRICHTres...
2000-06-30 dibariNew object to store pedestal information
2000-06-30 dibariNew objects: AliRICHv2 and AliRICHTresholdMap
2000-06-30 dibariCall to GenerateTresholds()
2000-06-30 dibariFixed incorrect comments.
2000-06-30 dibariDifferent call for ring drawing.
2000-06-30 dibariNew function GenerateTresholds() for pedestal simulation.
2000-06-30 dibariCleaned up output.
2000-06-30 dibariCleaned up version. New layout for Diagnostics.C
2000-06-30 dibariNew layout for use with Diagnostics.C
2000-06-30 dibariMore robust version (doesn't crash when called from...
2000-06-30 dibariNew RICH menu.
2000-06-30 dibariNew menu for diagnostics.
2000-06-30 dibariInserted SetDebugLevel. AliRICHv2 used.
2000-06-30 dibariNew configurale version.
2000-06-30 dibariNew configurale version. V1 is now the default.
2000-06-30 dibariRemoved setters.
2000-06-30 dibariTest on kDebugevel
2000-06-30 dibariSeveral new data members for Bari reconstruction
2000-06-30 dibariNew drawing routine from Nico and Daniela
2000-06-30 dibariSeveral changes (ring drawing, fiducial selection,...
2000-06-30 dibariIntroduced kDebugLevel
2000-06-30 dibariNew drawing routine from Nico and Daniela.
2000-06-30 dibariDisabled writing to rechits.
2000-06-30 dibariAdded kDebugLevel variable to control output size on...
2000-06-15 jbarbosaCorrected compilation errors on HP-UX (replaced pow...
2000-06-13 jbarbosaStill some code cleanup done (variable names)
2000-06-13 jbarbosaCorrecting previous correction...
2000-06-13 jbarbosaFixed compiling error for HP (multiple declaration)
2000-06-12 morschClean-up bug in Centered() corrected.
2000-06-12 jbarbosaObsolete, has been split.
2000-06-12 jbarbosaRemoved verbose output.
2000-06-12 jbarbosaCleaned up version.
2000-06-09 jbarbosaNew full version. All parameters configurable.
2000-06-09 jbarbosaNew default version. No setters needed, no hits.
2000-06-09 jbarbosaNew digitisation per particle type
2000-06-09 jbarbosaRICH menu macro
2000-06-09 jbarbosaUpdated Makefile to compile AliRICHPateRec.cxx, AliRICH...