Changes in configuration
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema / Global.ldif
2008-03-31 zampolliChanges in configuration
2008-03-13 jgrosseoadding macro to retrieve DPs to a file
2008-02-06 rgrossodcs timeout and number of retrievals set in the configu...
2008-01-07 acollaSHUTTLE configuration updated:
2007-12-07 acollaAdded in shuttle_schema:
2007-11-26 acollaSHUTTLE test configuration updated
2007-09-27 acollaDetectors can have more than one AMANDA server. SHUTTLE...
2007-08-31 acollaShuttle configuration files updated. Added SSD!
2007-02-28 acollaRun type field added in SHUTTLE framework. Run type...