Update master to aliroot
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema / HLTsys.ldif
2014-12-16 rgrossoAdd ports for HLT db and fxs in test and production
2014-12-05 zampolliUpdating HLT responsibles for Shuttle
2012-02-13 rgrossonew list of recipients for HLT related issues
2011-08-25 zampolliUpdating HLT responsibles' list (new mailing list).
2011-08-19 zampolliUpdated responsibles for HLT FXS
2009-09-29 zampolliUpdating LDAP configuration files for both the test...
2009-07-28 zampolliUpdating ldif files both for the schema and the schema_...
2008-03-31 zampolliChanges in configuration
2008-01-07 acollaSHUTTLE configuration updated:
2007-12-06 acollaadded configuration for HLT preprocessor. HLT system...