Updating T00 configuration for the test and P2.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema_prod / T00.ldif
2009-10-01 zampolliUpdating T00 configuration for the test and P2.
2009-10-01 zampolliUpdate in the T0 configuration @P2.
2009-09-30 zampolliRemoving obsolete DP.
2009-09-29 zampolliUpdating T00 for production.
2009-09-29 zampolliUpdating T0 LDAP configuration for the test setup and...
2009-05-20 zampolliT0 responsibles modified (M. Oledzki removed)
2008-08-22 zampolliUpdates in ldif files from LDAP configuration for produ...
2007-12-18 jgrosseoremoving T00 DPs for FDR
2007-12-07 acollaUpdate configuration for SHUTTLE: production mode
2007-11-26 acollaSHUTTLE Configuration for PRODUCTION (e.g. FDR, Cosmic...