additional DPs for new supermodules 2,3,6
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema_prod / TRD.ldif
2012-02-07 rgrossoadditional DPs for new supermodules 2,3,6
2011-10-03 zampolliAdding Hans Beck to the list of responsibles.
2011-02-03 zampolliUpdating TRD configuration with new DPs.
2010-03-27 zampolliUpdating configurations.
2009-08-03 zampolliChanges in TRD configuration for data taking.
2009-03-12 zampolli"trd_adcClkPhase" DP removed from TRD configuration.
2008-08-22 zampolliUpdates in ldif files from LDAP configuration for produ...
2007-12-18 jgrosseoremoving not produced DPs from FDR
2007-12-14 jgrosseofixing type
2007-12-07 acollaUpdate configuration for SHUTTLE: production mode
2007-11-27 acollasome more bug fixes
2007-11-26 acollasome residual misconfiguration corrected...
2007-11-26 acollaSHUTTLE Configuration for PRODUCTION (e.g. FDR, Cosmic...