memory consumption measures only memory used by preprocessor
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / SHUTTLE / schema_prod /
2008-05-16 zampolliNew Configuration Parameter to set Alien Path for CDB...
2008-03-31 zampolliChanges in configuration
2008-03-13 jgrosseoadding macro to retrieve DPs to a file
2008-03-08 jgrosseoDCS error mails are only sent once per subdet and run
2008-02-26 zampolliUpdating TPC shuttle configuration file
2008-02-08 rgrossoUpdated ldap configuration files for TOF and schema
2008-02-07 rgrossoThe test macro takes the timestamps as arguments
2008-02-06 rgrossodcs timeout and number of retrievals set in the configu...
2008-01-28 rgrossoParsing the output of ldapsearch with a perl script...
2007-12-20 acollaMCH DCS aliases removed from production configuration
2007-12-18 jgrosseoremoving all DPs
2007-12-18 jgrosseoremoving not produced DPs from FDR
2007-12-18 jgrosseoremoving T00 DPs for FDR
2007-12-17 jgrosseoadding macro that allows to test the DPs of a subdetector
2007-12-17 jgrosseoscript that checks if the LDIF files are in sync with...
2007-12-17 jgrosseoconsistent naming
2007-12-17 jgrosseoremoving duplicate of schema fiel
2007-12-17 jgrosseoupdated GRP configuration
2007-12-16 jgrosseoreducing to 4 DPs read for FDR
2007-12-14 jgrosseofixing type
2007-12-11 acollaWrong FXS DB port setting - corrected!
2007-12-07 acollaAdded in shuttle_schema:
2007-12-07 acollaadded HLT (system) configuration. HLT.dif is now the...
2007-12-07 acollaUpdate configuration for SHUTTLE: production mode
2007-11-27 acollasome more bug fixes
2007-11-26 acollasome residual misconfiguration corrected...
2007-11-26 acollaSHUTTLE Configuration for PRODUCTION (e.g. FDR, Cosmic...