Digits corresponded to new data format
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / START / AliSTARTdigit.h
2006-03-24 allaDigits corresponded to new data format
2005-04-11 allaRAWDATA closer to reality
2004-09-22 hristovIncrementing class definition
2004-09-18 hristovInitialization of pointers, exclamation mark for non...
2004-09-08 allanew slow simulation up to RawData
2004-04-21 hristovCode clean-up, a lot of corrections to the usage of...
2003-10-23 allaClean up coding convention violations
2002-10-21 allacompiling warnigs free
2002-07-23 allanew Digits structure
2000-12-22 hristovUpdated START code from Alla
2000-10-13 hristovBug fixes and code cleaning
2000-07-13 fcaNew START corrected for coding conventions
2000-03-24 allaNew AliSTART
2000-01-21 fcaNew Version from Alla