hardcoded detector position; bug in alignment pth fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / START / AliSTARTv1.cxx
2006-10-19 allahardcoded detector position; bug in alignment pth fixed
2006-10-18 allaAddAlignableVolumes added
2006-06-12 allaOverlaps fixed
2006-04-08 hristovCode cleanup, removing debug printouts (Alla)
2006-04-05 hristovUpdated size of the sensitive volume (Alla)
2006-03-24 allausing calibration information in geometry
2005-06-20 alibraryUse AliLog
2005-06-20 hristovPossibility to store and retrieve TGeo geometry to...
2005-06-17 hristovRemoving GetDebug and SetDebug from AliRun and AliModul...
2005-05-31 hristovTemporary reverting the changes introduced earlier...
2005-05-27 hristovUnique material names (R.Grosso)
2005-04-11 allaRAWDATA closer to reality
2005-01-25 allageometry 12 + 24 && recent media properties
2004-09-08 allanew slow simulation up to RawData
2004-06-22 allaAliRoot way for Air
2004-03-25 alla Coding convention, reconstruction fill ESD
2004-01-06 allaAndreas's improvement of support
2003-12-01 allageometry overlap fixed
2003-11-28 allaT0 overlaps
2003-10-28 allageometry bug fixed
2003-10-23 hristovMC-dependent part of AliRun extracted in AliMC (F.Carmi...
2003-10-21 allarotated geomtry
2003-10-10 allamoving the detector geometry to the new coordinate...
2003-08-14 hristovString initialization to avoid valgrind warnings
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-06 allawith support structure
2002-11-21 alibraryRemoving AliMC and AliMCProcess
2002-10-22 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-07-23 allanew Digits structure
2001-09-19 allaAsimmetric START geometry
2001-07-05 allaStepManager was checked
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-04-25 allaCurent bur fixed
2001-04-04 allachanges according Coding Convension
2000-12-22 hristovUpdated START code from Alla
2000-12-04 alibraryFixing problems in the HEAD
2000-10-02 fcaRemoval of useless dependecies via forward declarations
2000-07-13 fcaNew START corrected for coding conventions
2000-03-27 allaModifing geometry
1999-08-04 fcaIntroduced incompatibility between FMD Silicon and...
1999-08-04 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...