TKDTree class now in ROOT
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STAT / TKDTree.h
2008-12-11 fcaReverting changes in STAT waiting for fixes
2008-12-11 fcaTKDTree now in Root
2008-07-16 marianAdding the documentation.
2007-11-21 hristovCoding conventions
2007-10-25 abercucirename Interpolator to PDF, add new class TKDInterpolat...
2007-10-23 abercuciwithout malloc
2007-10-23 abercuciCPU and Memory tests, coding violations fixed, library
2007-09-21 abercucikNN algorithm improved. IO Defined
2007-08-06 abercuciFollow the compilation scheme of AliRoot and to fulfill...
2007-08-03 marianFirst version of kdtree (Alexander, Marian)