[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STAT / TStatToolkit.h
2012-03-21 marianMake TGraphErrors if error expression specified
2011-09-22 marianFixed make fit string to define aliases
2011-03-29 marianUsing TH1 instead TH1F in the fast gaus fits
2011-03-29 mariancoding violations
2011-03-26 marianAdding functionality for sparse drawing
2011-02-20 marianAdding function neccessary for multidimentsional linear...
2011-02-19 marianLinear fit with constrains implemented
2010-05-17 marianNew switch - do not use the constant part
2008-07-28 marianWrong define statement fixed (Marian)
2008-03-14 marianAdding robust fitting option to the FitPlane (Marian)
2007-09-29 marianAdding a TStatToolkit