AT0-116, ATO-91 - Creation of summary tree. Used for the per period/per production...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STAT /
2007-09-29 marianAdding a TStatToolkit
2007-09-25 marianThe test function static (A.Kalweit)
2007-09-25 marianHuber estimator used for robust fitting (A.Kalweit)
2007-09-24 abercuciIO test for Interpolator
2007-09-24 abercuciIO factorization for Interpolator
2007-09-21 abercuciupdate for IO
2007-09-21 abercucikNN algorithm improved. IO Defined
2007-09-17 marianremovinf effc++ warnings (Marian)
2007-09-17 marianalocate memory dynamically not on stack
2007-09-17 marianAdded AliTMinuitToolkit (A.Kalweit)
2007-09-10 abercucideprecated HOWTO macro
2007-09-10 abercucinew HOWTO macros
2007-09-10 abercuciSmall interface modification
2007-09-10 abercuciImplementation of local interpolation based on COG...
2007-08-06 abercucirenamed to kDStatLinkDef.h
2007-08-06 abercuciFollow the compilation scheme of AliRoot and to fulfill...
2007-08-06 abercuciAdd pkg to be able to inlude STAT to AliRoot compilatio...
2007-08-03 marianAdded macros to test the stat objects (Alexander, Marian)
2007-08-03 marianFirst version of kdtree (Alexander, Marian)