ReadFromTree: option for reconnection of tree added.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliAODEvent.cxx
2008-05-20 morschReadFromTree: option for reconnection of tree added.
2008-05-18 fcaRemoving shadowed variables
2008-05-10 hristovAliESDCaloCluster.cxx,.h: Removed fM11 and related...
2008-04-07 morschFix needed to connect friends to trees and chains.
2008-04-01 morschProvide methods to make AOD objects "referencable"...
2008-03-29 morschConnect also branches from friend trees.
2008-03-05 morsch- Warnings corrected
2008-02-19 oldiSlight modification of error message.
2008-01-16 oldiEnable to read chained AOD events/files.
2007-11-29 markusFunctionality to remove objects from list added.
2007-11-23 kleinbFixed Mem leaks occuring with Analysis Manager and...
2007-11-22 markusEMCAL cells and PHOS cells separated.
2007-10-19 morschDelete() instead of Clear() for jets.
2007-10-16 markusMake full use of newly introduced functionality:
2007-08-07 hristovAdd inheritance from AliVEvent. Fix standard naming...
2007-07-24 markusAdding AliAODTracklets (SPD tracklets) to the standard...
2007-06-29 morschTwo service methods for I/O initialisation added.
2007-06-04 morschVirtualEventHandler interface and its implementation...
2007-03-23 markusEasy extraction of muon tracks provided.
2007-02-27 hristov- Renaming fEventNumber (and the associated getters...
2007-02-21 hristovAliAODNeutral renamed to AliAODCluster
2007-02-15 hristovFirst version of the AOD classes (Markus, Federico)