Update of the tag system. 1. Correct implementation of the event ID - period, orbit...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliAODTagCreator.cxx
2009-04-08 cvetanUpdate of the tag system. 1. Correct implementation...
2008-10-27 morschWe have added the possibility to perform an
2008-10-21 fcaCorrect warnings for gcc 4.3
2008-10-19 morschSkip parent directory "..". (R. Arnaldi, E. Scomparini)
2008-10-17 morschWarnings corrected.
2008-09-05 morsch- Some restructering of the code
2008-06-06 morschGetNumberOfVerices()
2008-05-21 morschShadowed variables corrected.
2008-03-05 morschMore warnings corrected.
2007-11-15 panosChanging the order between the tree and file creation.
2007-10-22 panosFirst opening the file and then creating the tree
2007-10-19 panosi)Retrieving during reconstruction the default GRP...
2007-10-16 panosChanging from TTree to TChain in the tag creation ...
2007-08-22 panosFirst open the file and then fill the tree
2007-08-16 panosImplementation of the post creation of the AOD tags
2007-08-08 morschAliAOD.h does not exist ... removed
2007-08-08 panosi)Moving the tag classes to the base class ii)Enabling...