Fixes for bug #52499: Field polarities inconsistiency
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliDCSSensorArray.h
2009-07-03 hristovAliDCSSensor.cxx: corrected copy constructor
2008-07-07 hristovDynamically add DCS points as provided in HLT predictio...
2008-06-06 hristovCorrected missing clones of
2008-04-21 hristovUpdates to keep DCS graph for selected sensors
2008-02-28 hristovAdded OutsideThreshold function. Corrections to TTimeSt...
2007-10-18 panosi)Restructuring of the GRP preprocessor ii)Adding the...
2007-10-12 cvetanAliDCSSensor: Updated Eval method to return first/last...
2007-07-18 hristovNew method to remove sensors from array (Haavard)
2007-06-24 hristovRead Config entry from OCDB (Haavard)
2007-06-04 cvetanMake fit parameters configurable (Haavard).
2007-05-30 acolla(Haavard)
2007-05-11 hristovAdditional getters (Haavard)
2007-03-22 hristovCommon class for DCS sensors (Haavard, Marian)