Completely Updated (Mario Sitta)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliDetectorTag.cxx
2007-08-14 markusIntroduce type cast to avoid warning message.
2007-07-18 panosi) Adding the function to convert the binary to UInt_t...
2007-05-04 panosGetDetectorMask returns a TObjArray of TObjStrings
2007-05-03 panosAdding the GetDetectorMask function
2007-05-03 panosFixing the detector tags according to the daq logbook
2006-09-04 hristovChanges required by Effective C++
2006-08-04 panosChanged setters from SetXXX(Int_t n) to SetXXX() which...
2005-11-15 hristovCoding conventions
2005-07-14 hristovNew event tag classes (P.Christakoglou)