Completely Updated (Mario Sitta)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliESDComparisonMI.C
2007-07-12 kleinbChanged macros to work with AliESDEvent
2006-09-28 hristovMerging of AliESDV0MI and AliESDv0 classes (Yu.Belikov)
2006-05-24 hristovAddoption of new ESDtrack (M.Ivanov)
2006-04-07 hristovUse updated AliTPCParam::Transform1to2Ideal function...
2006-04-03 hristovTracks without TPC info added for TRD seeding performan...
2006-02-28 hristovAdditional protection (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-28 hristovAdditional data for track quality control (M.Ivanov)
2006-02-08 hristovAdditional protection and change in the interface ...
2005-10-20 hristovAdditional cuts (M.Ivanov)
2005-04-29 hristovNew version of the V0 finder (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional protection in comparison macros (M.Ivanov)
2004-10-15 hristovAdding new code for kink and V0 reconstruction (AliESDk...
2004-07-21 hristovNew comparison macros (M.Ivanov)