Corrected protection.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliInputEventHandler.h
2010-10-27 morschNew hook needed for fast mixing.
2010-10-27 morschSome additions for mixing.
2010-10-24 morschClass version increased.
2010-10-04 morschGetters and Setters for the mixing handler in the base...
2010-09-28 morschPossibility to add a mixing handler to the input.
2010-09-17 agheataAdded AliInputEventHandler::SetUserCallSelectionMask...
2010-07-26 jgrosseoExtending the functionality of the physics selection...
2010-01-06 jgrosseoadd event selection getter
2009-12-20 morschPossibility for event selection in input event handler.
2009-12-14 morschPossibility to analyse selected events only. Selection...
2009-07-03 morschBranch switching on/off moved to base class.
2008-09-04 morschExtra getters for tag handling added.
2008-04-09 hristovUsing const char * instead of char *
2008-03-05 morschGetter for entry in tree addded.
2008-03-05 morschWarnings corrected.
2007-11-28 morschSeparate methods Init(Option_t *) (called by AnalysisMa...
2007-11-15 morschPass event number as argument of AliVEventHandler...
2007-11-06 jgrosseoprevening warning of hidden function:
2007-10-18 morschChanges in the interface.
2007-10-12 morschMethod SetInputTree() added to the interface.
2007-10-12 morschRealisation of VEventHandler for input events.