Obsolete call to gMC->DefineParticles() removed.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliMC.cxx
2004-03-22 morschObsolete call to gMC->DefineParticles() removed.
2004-02-02 hristovPrinting the energy summary only in debug mode
2003-12-12 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2003-12-11 hristovRemoving warnings (icc)
2003-12-11 hristovAdding again track references for the decay points
2003-11-11 hristovInitialization of fDebug
2003-11-03 hristovCorrections to obey our coding conventions
2003-10-24 hristovFix for Lego run (P.Skowronski)
2003-10-23 hristovMC-dependent part of AliRun extracted in AliMC (F.Carmi...
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2000-11-30 alibraryIntroducing new Rndm and QA classes
2000-07-13 fcaMainly coding conventions + some small bug fixes
2000-07-12 fcaCoding convention correction and warning removal
2000-07-11 fcaCoding convention corrections + few minor bug fixes
2000-03-22 fcaRationalisation of the virtual MC interfaces
1999-09-29 fcaIntroduction of the Copyright and cvs Log
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...