AliInfo -> AliDebug
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliMCEvent.cxx
2011-01-13 morschAliInfo -> AliDebug
2010-09-13 morschLeftovers from debugging cleaned up.
2010-09-06 akisielUpdate the Tag system classes. Reduce memory footprint...
2010-05-11 morschProtections against missing MC files as requested in...
2009-11-25 morschVertex not deleted but updated.
2009-11-25 morsch AliMCEvent::GetPrimaryVertex() implemented
2009-10-28 morschPreReading of MC information on demand.
2009-09-02 morschMCEvent::GetTrack gives back *VParticle.
2009-07-14 morschMCEvent and MCEventHandler can be used as containers...
2008-12-03 morschDebug printout removed.
2008-12-02 morsch"Memory leak" corrected calling constructor for fHeader.
2008-10-01 morschMCEvent() always valid
2008-03-19 jgrosseofixing SEGV in case of switched of TR
2008-03-13 morschClear for TRefArray.
2008-03-13 morschSome Delete() added.
2008-03-12 morschClear() replaced by Delete() for TClonesArray
2007-11-30 morschAccess to particle index. (S. Arcelli)
2007-11-27 kleinbFixed memleak and delete of refarray
2007-11-23 kleinbFixed Mem leaks occuring with Analysis Manager and...
2007-11-15 morschPass event number as argument of AliVEventHandler...
2007-10-10 morschArray of track references added to AliMCParticle.
2007-10-08 morschMethod GenEventHeader corrected.
2007-10-08 morschThe MC Event part has been separated from the AliMCEven...
2007-08-06 morschChange of name.
2007-08-01 morschAliMCEvent: Access to Transport MC Truth during analysis