added function returning number in truncated gaussian (user passes mean, sigma and...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliMathBase.cxx
2008-08-08 rgrossoadded function returning number in truncated gaussian...
2008-02-18 hristovAdiing the sum of histogram content (Marian)
2007-10-07 hristovNew methods: MakeStat1D and MakeStat2D (Marian)
2007-05-03 cvetanBug fix in LTM - initial max sigma^2 (Marian)
2007-05-03 cvetanProtection against floating point exception
2007-04-27 cvetanAdd fast gaussian fitting routine (Marian)
2007-03-23 hristovNew functions (Marian)
2007-03-14 hristovModifications needed by TRD (Christoph)
2006-05-30 cvetanSome additional mathematical function non included...