Put all the naming conventions into AlIQA
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliQADataMakerSteer.cxx
2007-11-06 schutzPut all the naming conventions into AlIQA
2007-10-25 schutzImplement the merging of all QA data files
2007-10-25 schutzPossibility to run the checker starting from a file
2007-10-25 schutzAdditional protection for the case when galice.root...
2007-10-23 schutzProtection against the absence of galice.root
2007-10-23 schutzInitialiye the runloader also when processing ESD
2007-10-22 schutzChanged the call to the QA data maker in AliSimulation
2007-10-21 schutzAdd protectio skipping QA for detectors not present...
2007-10-19 schutzThe standalone QA data maker is called from AliSimulati...
2007-10-19 schutzcorrect: no newline at end of file
2007-10-18 schutzNew steering class ro run QA stand alone