Coverity fixes
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / AliRunLoader.cxx
2011-03-04 hristovCoverity fixes
2011-03-03 hristovCoverity fixes
2010-11-22 morschFix for bug #75588
2010-11-02 agheatawarning when trigger is loaded appears only once
2010-09-27 morschAvoid double delete.
2010-09-24 morschAvoid double delete.
2010-01-06 hristovCorrections for report #60667: Patch to fix some leaks...
2009-04-27 morschCorrectly retrieve the number of events per run during...
2009-03-16 morschfRun initialized.
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2009-01-02 fcaSeveral Changes:
2008-12-21 fcaSimplification of AliRun
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-12-01 fcaRemoving unused code
2007-07-24 morschReduced external dependences of AliStack.
2007-05-03 hristovReverting the changes, additional modifications are...
2007-05-03 hristovAdding TDirectory::TContext to restore the current...
2007-04-26 jgrosseofixed missing return value check (resulting in crash...
2006-12-04 hristovAvoid mixing up trigger and tracks replacing the option...
2006-09-06 cvetanA small fix to the RunLoader that solves the following...
2006-04-25 hristovGetEvent() - do not skip the event if the current event...
2006-03-31 hristovBug fix (E.Lopez)
2006-03-29 hristovModifications to the trigger classes to have I/O. I
2005-10-11 hristovPossibility to open zipped file sets
2005-09-27 hristovNew version of CDB storage framework (A.Colla)
2005-07-13 hristovRenaming calibration classes (A.Colla)
2005-05-20 hristovNew calibration classes (A.Colla)
2005-04-13 alibrarySplitting loader class to have proper debug messages
2004-12-08 tkuhrfirst prototype of interface to storage of run dependen...
2004-11-03 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-05-06 alibraryNew version of AliESD
2004-05-03 alibraryCoding convention violations
2004-04-01 hristovIncluding TROOT.h to declare gROOT
2004-04-01 alibraryFixing Coding violations
2004-03-29 hristovModifications to process data with missing header:...
2004-03-22 hristovCoding conventions (F.Carminati)
2004-03-13 hristovHandle errors from AliStack::GetEvent (P.Skowronski)
2004-02-16 hristovTypo in messages
2003-11-27 hristovCode for simulation, sdigitization and digitization...
2003-11-06 hristovReducing dependencies (F.Carminati)
2003-11-03 hristovCorrections to obey our coding conventions
2003-10-24 hristovFix for Lego run (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-19 hristovUpdated Unload functionality (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-13 hristovMethod for file synchronization (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-06 hristovCleaning of warnings (gcc -W)
2003-07-31 hristovBug fixes, warnings only in case of debug option, more...
2003-07-23 hristovShortcut methods in AliRunLoader. AliHits2SDigits.C...
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO