Added V0A23 (V0 rings 2-3), V0C01 (V0 rings 0-1) and V0S = V0A23+V0C01
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / STEERBase / AliMCEvent.cxx
2014-07-08 morschprotection against events without secondaries added
2014-07-08 morschProtections and warnings
2014-07-07 morschspeed up with binary search
2014-07-03 morschshadowed argument corrected
2014-07-03 morschUpdates for associating particles to generators
2014-06-18 morschimproved GenEventHeader() method in case of AOD
2014-06-11 morschGetFirstDaughter
2014-06-05 morschTools to separate injected signal in ESD and AOD
2014-05-16 morschUpdates
2014-05-05 morschBool_t AliMCEvent::GetCocktailGenerator(Int_t index...
2013-12-02 jgrosseoAddition to the analysis framework (Andrei, Jan Fiete):
2013-05-06 morschCoverity fix
2012-12-06 morschCode to find the MC header for a given track (itrk...
2012-09-06 morschtwo methods added
2012-07-02 agheataSilencing preloading of particles.
2012-04-26 agheataAliMCEventHandler::fPreReadMode was not streamable...
2011-07-19 morschPatch for recent TRefArray->TObjArray usage
2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...