added pointer to flat esd friend to flat event
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER / STEERBase / AliVVevent.h
2014-08-25 sgorbunoadded pointer to flat esd friend to flat event
2014-08-18 sgorbunoReinitialization methods added to AliFlat*
2014-08-18 sgweberClassDefs commented out in VV classes
2014-08-07 sgorbunoflat esd event update
2014-08-06 sgorbunoInheritance AliVEvent : virtual public AliVVevent added...
2014-08-04 sgorbunobug fix: call AliVVevent() in AliESDevent constructor
2014-08-04 sgorbunosplit of VVtrack and Vtrack interfaces, update of AliFl...
2014-08-03 sgorbunosome interfaces in VV commented out (as they are not...
2014-08-03 sgorbunomake AliVVevent abstract (=0)
2014-08-02 sgorbunoVVvertex interface removed
2014-08-01 zampolliTask now uses VV classes (ready for the case of flat)
2014-07-14 mkrzewica compiling version of the VV interface WITH friends
2014-07-01 zampolliAdding dictionary
2014-06-13 mkrzewicfix from Steffen Weber: fixes crashing converter
2014-06-07 zampolliFixed some missing implementations, changed test task...
2014-06-06 mkrzewicadd common abstract interface classes for flat and...