technical changes:
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER /
2009-07-03 cvetanFix for IR array in ESD header. The previous implementa...
2009-07-03 schutzremove verbosity
2009-07-03 schutztypo: SDigits instead of Digits
2009-07-03 schutzincrement the event counter only in even loop and not...
2009-07-03 schutzmake Init methods public
2009-07-03 schutzmake Init methods public
2009-07-03 cvetanMemory leak fixed
2009-07-03 hristovUpdated parameters of the V0 finder (Ana)
2009-07-03 hristovAdding interaction time with reference point (Alla)
2009-07-03 cvetanMultiplicities in VZERO are now float numbers (in units...
2009-07-03 lietavaCorrection in AddTriggerIR()
2009-07-03 lietavaIR datum changed to array of pointers.
2009-07-03 morschUse branch switching on/off from base class.
2009-07-03 morschBranch switching on/off moved to base class.
2009-07-02 cvetanAdding track parameters at the HMPID. Corrections to...
2009-07-02 morschStore impact parameter for q-pythia.
2009-07-02 zampolliAdding classes to read LHC DP file coming from DCS.
2009-07-02 lietavaSetTimeStamp modified.
2009-07-02 hristovAliStack::Particle(), GetNextParticle() and FlagTrack...
2009-07-02 lietava1.) call to LoadTriggerScalers in Begin() added. 2...
2009-07-02 lietavaMethod AddTriggerIR (interaction record) added.
2009-07-02 lietavaInteraction record array added.
2009-07-02 lietavaGetters, setters implemented.
2009-07-02 belikovA new function returning the unconstrained primary...
2009-07-02 lietavaTrigger scalers added to ESD header.
2009-07-02 agheataRemoved unnecessary ESD include files that prevented...
2009-07-01 cvetanUpdate of the TPC-ITS alignment code (Mikolaj)
2009-07-01 lietavaMethods for extracting scalers wrt time and trigger...
2009-07-01 lietavaAliTimeStamp datum and methods added
2009-07-01 lietavaMethods for using arrays of scalers added.
2009-07-01 lietavaCopy constructor, =operator added.
2009-06-30 cvetanUsage of the recently introduced OCDB entry which conta...
2009-06-30 lietavaMethod CheckConsistency modified.
2009-06-30 lietavaMethod GetAllScalers added.
2009-06-30 lietavaDestructor updated.
2009-06-30 lietavaArray of records with 64 bit scalers added, copy constr...
2009-06-30 lietavaRC11,RC17 rules applied
2009-06-30 morschAliAODVertex dependence removed.
2009-06-30 hristovAdding access methods for HLTGlobalTrigger information...
2009-06-30 lietavaIn FindNearestScalersRecord sorting removed.
2009-06-30 lietavaRC11 and RC17 applied
2009-06-30 lietavaTrigger scalers added.
2009-06-29 lietavaGC2,RS1,RS3 rules applied
2009-06-29 lietavaCoding rules RC11,RC17 applied
2009-06-29 lietavaCoding rules RN3 and RN13 applied
2009-06-29 fcaBetter numerical stability
2009-06-26 hristov- Moving setup of HLT simulation to the beginning of...
2009-06-26 morschInformation for EMCAL PID (electrons) added. (Jennifer...
2009-06-26 morschFor embedding: use AliESDEvent instead of AliESD (obsolete)
2009-06-26 zampolliPEDESTAL and CALIBRATION run types added for MUON.
2009-06-25 fcaImproving numerical stability
2009-06-25 schutzcorrected leftover modifications
2009-06-25 morschCorrection in SetOneOverPt (discovered by Simone Schuch...
2009-06-25 hristovTransfer of the initialisation of the QA Data objects...
2009-06-25 belikovNew method for removing, if needed, the vertex constrai...
2009-06-24 morschReference to branches removed.
2009-06-24 cvetanUpdate of the event-specie selection routine according...
2009-06-24 morschTemporary fix in momentum conservation check (A. Dainese)
2009-06-24 cvetanReverting wrong commit related to QA
2009-06-24 kleinbincreased precision for stored momenta
2009-06-24 cvetanFix for gcc 4.4
2009-06-23 hristovRemove implicit calls to TString::TString(int) - this...
2009-06-22 belikovFix in filling the track residuals.
2009-06-22 lietavaCopy constructor,=operator, reset added (Plamen)
2009-06-22 lietavaGetters, copy constructor,=operator added
2009-06-22 belikovBug fix (S. Gorbunov).
2009-06-18 schutzchanged the name of the Sim->sin and Rec->rec libraries...
2009-06-18 hristovAdditional protection
2009-06-17 fcaFix warnings
2009-06-17 morschCentroid calculation corrected (Chiara)
2009-06-17 lietavaCompilation warning fixed.
2009-06-17 lietavaCompilation warning fixed.
2009-06-17 cvetanCompilation warning fixed
2009-06-17 cvetanCompilation warning fixed
2009-06-17 morschCoding rule violation corrected.
2009-06-17 morschWarnings corrected.
2009-06-17 schutzparametrized the number of allowed QA histograms
2009-06-17 fcaRemoving macros by now in PWG1
2009-06-16 belikovA new function needed for event mixing (R.Romita)
2009-06-16 lietavaConsistencyCheck() rewritten.
2009-06-16 fcaFixing trunk compilation
2009-06-16 morschUpdates on ZDC ESData (Ch. Oppedisano)
2009-06-16 cvetanNew classes for storing of the trigger scalers in ESD...
2009-06-16 morschMethod to calculate mean vertex position added. (Romita...
2009-06-16 lietavaClass version updated.
2009-06-16 lietavaClass version updated.
2009-06-16 lietavaTrigger inputs are copied to esd header
2009-06-16 lietavaTrigger inputs added.
2009-06-15 lietava1.) Fix in ReadScalers 2.) Sorting of scaler records...
2009-06-15 lietavaData made private. (Plamen)
2009-06-15 lietavaCompare method fixed (Plamen)
2009-06-15 lietavaClass mask calculation fixed, class index added to...
2009-06-15 lietavaModification of error message for max number of inputs
2009-06-15 cvetanObsolete parameter
2009-06-15 cvetanNew code for common reading and interpretting of the...
2009-06-15 belikovMaking the static method ParticleMass(...) work correct...
2009-06-15 belikovFixing a little bug.
2009-06-12 lietavaCorrection for numbering of inputs from 1 in cfg file...
2009-06-12 kleinbfixed coding violations
2009-06-11 belikovRemoving a circular dependence.