Using TMath::Abs instead of fabs
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER /
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-06-29 hristovFixing fstream related problems on Alpha
2003-06-29 hristovFixes needed on HP
2003-06-29 hristovFixes needed on Sun
2003-06-27 morschDefault phi range 0 ... 360.
2003-06-26 morschImproved common vertex handling.
2003-06-25 hristovNew class for raw data processing (T.Kuhr)
2003-06-11 hristovExclamation marks for some pointers to TClonesArray
2003-06-06 hristovUpdate of combined PID (T.Kuhr)
2003-06-04 hristovCorrected deletion of gMC (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-06-04 morsch- Implementation of GetCurrentTrack
2003-05-27 hristovTRD PID included in the ESD schema (T.Kuhr)
2003-05-26 hristovFirst version of combined PID (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-22 hristovFloat_t replaced by Double_t
2003-05-22 hristovFirst implementation of ESD classes (Yu.Belikov)
2003-05-20 morschUpdated corrector field strength.
2003-05-01 hristovCorrected storage/retrieval of fRandom
2003-04-30 hristovChanges related to the initialization of random numbers...
2003-04-23 hristovCorrect treatment of clusters with multiple labels...
2003-04-23 hristovIncluding header files without dirs
2003-04-14 hristovUpdating the last tagged version of AliRoot
2003-04-14 hristovClass version incremented
2003-04-14 hristovAdding some QCD diffractive states to the PDG list
2003-04-10 hristovTrack references deleted in AliModule
2003-04-10 hristovCode for unified TPC/TRD tracking (S.Radomski)
2003-04-08 hristovDeleting the list of histograms in the destructor
2003-04-08 hristovAdditional protection in the destructor
2003-04-08 morsch- TrackReference related methods and data members moved...
2003-04-07 hristovRemoving the module from the list of modules in the...
2003-04-07 hristovDeleting track references in the destructor
2003-04-04 morschUser set central field value.
2003-04-02 morschOption for 0 solenoid field added.
2003-04-01 morschUpdates for LHC v6.4 and corrected compensator field...
2003-03-21 hristovAliPHOSMemoryWatcher moved to STEER and renamed as...
2003-03-19 hristovLoad/UnloadClusters added to the base class and the...
2003-03-19 hristovAdditional functions, corrections to match the base...
2003-03-17 hristovNew static member function Deprecated is added
2003-03-14 hristovIncluding error of vertex position (Yu.Belikov)
2003-03-13 hristovDCA calculation moved to the AliKalmanTrack (Yu.Belikov)
2003-03-13 hristovAdditional comment
2003-03-07 jchudobaUse Theta() for the polar angle of the track momentum...
2003-03-05 hristovWrongly committed file reverted to the original one
2003-03-05 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions
2003-03-04 hristovCorrections to obey the coding conventions
2003-03-03 hristovCorrections to obey coding conventions
2003-03-03 jchudobaAdd static functions to read magnetic field value from...
2003-02-25 hristovUpdated tag info
2003-02-24 jchudobaChanges needed in the case that the serial event number...
2003-02-19 hristovTrack time measurement (S.Radomski)
2003-02-17 hristovRestoring some user friendly functions
2003-02-12 hristovCorrecting typo
2003-02-11 hristovUpdated class version
2003-02-11 hristovUpdated AliTrackReference class (S.Radomski)
2003-02-11 hristovMacro to rewrite Track References ordered (S.Radomski)
2003-02-05 hristovAdd some user-friendly methods (J.Chudoba)
2003-01-31 hristovInit() should not be const
2003-01-16 alibraryDeclare const some methods
2003-01-15 alibraryReplacing Header with Id
2003-01-14 alibraryAnnounce method added
2003-01-14 alibraryCleanup of STEER coding conventions
2003-01-13 alibraryIntroducing Header instead of Log
2003-01-13 alibraryIntroducing Id
2003-01-10 alibraryCorrect use of dynamic casting
2003-01-07 morschForward declaration of AliCollisionGeometry replaced...
2003-01-07 morschMethods concerning collision geometry added.
2003-01-07 morschAliCollisionGeometry added.
2003-01-06 morschImpact parameter moved to AliCollisionGeometry.
2002-11-21 alibraryRemoving AliMCProcess and AliMC
2002-11-19 hristovMultievent loop improved (Yu.Belikov)
2002-11-15 alibraryCleaning includes
2002-10-29 morschMethod Sector(Float_t x, Float_t y) added.
2002-10-29 alibrarySome more code cleanup
2002-10-29 hristovCode clean-up (F.Carminati)
2002-10-23 hristovFatal if no magnetic field set for the reconstruction...
2002-10-23 alibraryIntroducing some effective C++ suggestions
2002-10-22 hristovNew methods for more effective access of particles...
2002-10-22 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-10-22 hristovClass version incremented
2002-10-21 alibraryOptimising initialisation of data members
2002-10-17 hristovDefinition of additional particles moved to VMC (I...
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-10-01 jchudobaChange loop order to run faster.
2002-09-23 hristovDummy ctor and dtor for AliLegoGeneratorPhiZ (HP)
2002-09-23 hristovFirsTrackReference updated (M.Ivanov)
2002-09-23 hristovTypo corrected
2002-09-20 morschDefault constructor added.
2002-09-17 jchudobaAdd classes to create and store tracks maps
2002-09-17 jchudobaClasses to create and store tracks maps - correcpondenc...
2002-09-16 morschAdd Upsilon(3S) to particle data base.
2002-09-12 jchudobaAdd const to SolenoidField() method for correct overwri...
2002-08-26 hristovRemaping of track references at the end of each primary...
2002-08-01 morschInitialize maps in first call to Field() after streamin...
2002-07-30 morschSolenoidField() declared const to allow overriding...
2002-07-28 jchudobaCorrection for TRD - add MakeBranch() to create TRD...
2002-07-19 hristovWrite file instead of closing it
2002-07-17 jchudobaDo not delete subtasks when AliRunDigitizer is deleted...
2002-07-17 jchudobaAdd private method GetNInputStreams(). Do not use it...
2002-07-16 morschAdd kFluka to list of geometry types.
2002-07-16 jchudobaAdd methods to get access to names of files used in...