Adding MUON HLT code to the repository.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER /
2005-06-09 hristovTemporary fix for hits to digits conversion
2005-06-07 hristovInitialization of fTracks
2005-05-31 hristovTemporary reverting the changes introduced earlier...
2005-05-27 hristovUsing underscore in the names of materials, media,...
2005-05-26 morschSpeed-up of reordering loop.
2005-05-26 hristovChanges to store and retrieve the TGeo geometry (R...
2005-05-20 hristovNew calibration classes (A.Colla)
2005-05-14 hristovDrawModule declared const
2005-05-11 morschDon't symmetrise x,y.
2005-05-10 hristovAdditional background suppression in the V0 finder...
2005-05-03 alibraryChanging name of libRAW into libRAWData
2005-05-03 morschReset static data member fgReadField in destructor.
2005-05-03 hristovInitialization of data members. Additional data members...
2005-05-02 hristovUpdated call to alimdc (C.Cheshkov)
2005-04-29 hristovNew version of the V0 finder (M.Ivanov)
2005-04-29 hristovIncrementing class versions
2005-04-28 morschNew data members needed by ZDC. (Chiara Oppedisano)
2005-04-18 hristovUsing particle index
2005-04-18 hristovCreating AliPID to initialize the static data members
2005-04-17 hristovChanges needed on Sun with Root v4-03-04
2005-04-14 alibraryCoding Convention Violations
2005-04-13 alibrarySplitting loader class to have proper debug messages
2005-04-11 alibraryCoding Violations
2005-04-06 hristovReset implemented (Yu.Belikov)
2005-04-01 hristovPossibility to set the track label
2005-04-01 hristovFurther integration of the HLT reconstruction (C.Cheshkov)
2005-04-01 hristovChanges needed by the ZDC calibration (A.Colla)
2005-02-27 alibraryeffc++ correction
2005-02-25 hristovChanges suggested by Effective C++ (F.Carminati)
2005-02-22 hristovUsing AliPID for the constants
2005-02-22 hristovAdditional methods (B.Hippolyte)
2005-02-21 hristovUsing Root FindObject instead of hash table (M.Ivanov)
2005-02-16 hristovAdding method (for test purposes) MakeMiniESDtrack...
2005-02-15 hristovInitialization of persistent data members
2005-02-15 hristovUsing the same arguments in SetTruePos and GetTruePos
2005-02-03 morsch- Possibility to set pointer to container class.
2005-01-28 morschUse Bronch.
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional ESD data members related to TRD tracking...
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional functionality (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovAdditional protection in comparison macros (M.Ivanov)
2005-01-26 hristovInitialization of TObject and fTime
2005-01-19 hristovInitialization of fDebug. GetDebug returns always 0...
2005-01-19 hristovCall default AliModule constructor
2005-01-04 hristovFixing copy/pase pub (K.Shileev)
2005-01-04 hristovChanges in RICH signal (Yu.Belikov, RICH)
2004-12-17 tkuhruse VAX-VMS like syntax (I-... instead of Info in ...
2004-12-14 hristovChanges needed on Mac (F.Carminati)
2004-12-09 morschProtection against division by zero.
2004-12-08 tkuhrfirst prototype of interface to storage of run dependen...
2004-12-07 hristovInitialization of all data members to avoid FPE
2004-12-01 hristovNew classes to facilitate features extraction (M.Ivanov)
2004-11-26 tkuhrbugfix
2004-11-26 morschStricter check of map boundary. Caused index out of...
2004-11-24 tkuhrdon't set the field map in the constructor (it's done...
2004-11-24 morschEINCLUDE changed.
2004-11-23 morschPossibility to fix the decay time of a primary particle...
2004-11-19 tkuhrExtended AliReconstructor interface to remove the event...
2004-11-19 hristovNew class for PID constants and methods. Changes in...
2004-11-18 morschPossibility to add and write detector specific headers.
2004-11-17 tkuhrmacro for loading the basic steering libraries
2004-11-17 morschCorrection of sign of quatrupole gradients and updates...
2004-11-09 hristovRenaming Write to WriteToFile (avoid warnings on Sun...
2004-11-08 hristovCoding convention (F.Carminati)
2004-11-04 tkuhrpreliminary PID in TPC needed by the ITS tracker
2004-11-03 hristovRemoving AliBarrelTrack class (Yu.Belikov)
2004-11-03 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-11-01 hristovRemoving obsolete code (Yu.Belikov)
2004-11-01 tkuhrbugfix
2004-11-01 tkuhrcreate galice.root, headers and loaders if they don...
2004-10-29 tkuhrobsolete reconstruction methods removed
2004-10-27 hristovStoring impact parameters in the ESD track (Yu.Belikov)
2004-10-26 hristovReconstruction and PID using transition radiation photo...
2004-10-25 hristovPreparation to use ITS tracking in HLT (C.Cheshkov)
2004-10-21 hristovStructural changes in the getters of momentum and posit...
2004-10-19 tkuhrincreased flexibility of tracking, removal of dummy...
2004-10-18 hristovAdditional protection
2004-10-18 hristovExtracting PHOS and EMCAL trackers from the correspond...
2004-10-18 tkuhrbugfix
2004-10-15 hristovAdding new code for kink and V0 reconstruction (AliESDk...
2004-10-14 hristovAliLog and AliKalman classes moved to Export...
2004-10-14 hristovStand-alone library for ESD. Possibility to use only...
2004-10-13 hristovAccess to angle alpha in TRD (M.Ivanov)
2004-10-12 tkuhrnumber of DDLs set to 3 for FMD
2004-10-12 tkuhrpropagate back tracks back to TOF even if TRD is not...
2004-10-12 tkuhrdon't use global gAlice variable
2004-10-12 hristovAdditional protection (Yu.Belikov)
2004-10-08 hristovUsing const pointer to AliKalmanTrack (Yu.Belikov)
2004-10-07 hristovUsing const pointer to AliKalmanTrack to avoid incorrec...
2004-10-07 hristovAdditional protection in case of zero magnetic field...
2004-10-06 hristovChanges to run HLT in alimdc. Reset method in AliESD...
2004-10-06 hristovReverting TOF index initialization to 0
2004-10-06 hristovTOF index initialized with -1 (S.Kiselev)
2004-09-19 hristovFaster versions of GetXYZ and GetPxPyPz. Adding covaria...
2004-09-19 hristovIncluding TVector.h (needed by icc with Root v4-01-01)
2004-09-15 tkuhrinclude RICH in tracking
2004-09-14 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-09-08 tkuhruse AliLog message scheme
2004-09-08 hristovAdding TRD in the combined PID (Yu.Belikov)
2004-09-03 hristov__FUNC__ not available on Alpha and HP
2004-09-03 tkuhrbugfix