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2012-07-06 shahoianaccepted runs list can take weight per run
2012-07-06 hristovFixes for #95580 Problem with trigger selection in...
2012-07-05 kleinbStore the TParticle UniqueID (AKA MCProcess Code) in...
2012-07-04 morschImportant bug fixes
2012-07-04 belikovLittle bug fix (Massimo Masera)
2012-07-03 morschCorrections
2012-07-02 morsch
2012-07-02 kleinbfixing delete statement
2012-07-02 agheataSilencing preloading of particles.
2012-06-29 morschBug fix.
2012-06-29 morschIncreased class version.
2012-06-28 rgrossoMaking AliCDBManager::GetId protected (was public)
2012-06-28 morschThis fixes the problems of the PID observed in the...
2012-06-28 hristovChange for #95551 Addition of a method to AliQAv1 to...
2012-06-27 morschCorrection
2012-06-27 morschUpdates in order to enable the '2D' PID for the TRD...
2012-06-25 hristovChanges for #94112: Standard AOD size (Jens)
2012-06-25 hristovChanges for #95543: request to commit to trunk: TOF...
2012-06-24 shahoianadded methods to reset L3 and Dip params
2012-06-21 morschverbosity changed
2012-06-21 morschPhysics selection update
2012-06-20 agheatasmall fix from Laurent
2012-06-15 morschMissing change in header.
2012-06-15 morschAdd known and unknown Hyper-Nuclei states to AliRoot...
2012-06-14 shahoianAddTimeStamp was always increasing track length but...
2012-06-11 hristovReverting accidental commit
2012-06-11 hristovFixes for TH1/TH2 mismatch
2012-06-11 fcaRemoving using namespace std;
2012-06-08 fcaBetter fix from Ivana
2012-06-08 fcaFixing a bug
2012-06-08 fcaCompatibility with the ROOT trunk
2012-06-07 fcaCompatibility with the trunk of ROOT
2012-06-06 kleinbleading constituent pt
2012-06-06 hristovChanges for #95136: CPass0/CPass1 porting request for...
2012-06-06 hristov#94948: Change in the TOF response and porting into...
2012-06-06 cvetanBumping the class version.
2012-06-06 cvetanIntroduction of MFT. For the moment the number of DDLs...
2012-06-05 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-05 fcaCompatibility with ROOT trunk
2012-06-04 shahoianCommented unnecessary include AliLog
2012-06-04 rgrossotypos corrected
2012-06-01 agheatatypo fixed
2012-05-31 morschFix
2012-05-29 rgrossomaking ProcessAliases static
2012-05-25 hristovModifications in CMake* files to export all required...
2012-05-24 morschPID updates
2012-05-24 rgrossoadding getters for the LHC period (OCDB folder) and...
2012-05-23 hristovFix for #94804: PID QA crashes on data
2012-05-19 morschWarning corrected.
2012-05-18 morschPhysics selection update for LHC12c
2012-05-18 agheataRemoved hardcoded AliESDs.root in AliESDInputHandler...
2012-05-17 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-15 shahoianAux.getter for weights
2012-05-15 morschSavannah request #94499
2012-05-14 jgrosseousage of fEventCuts in AOD handler (Constantin)
2012-05-14 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-13 morschUpdate needed for chain of AliESDs_nob.root files
2012-05-12 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-05-11 hristovAdditional changes for #94138: Port update in Ali*CaloC...
2012-05-10 hristovChanges for #94366: Fix in copy constructor of AliEvent...
2012-05-10 hristovCoverity (Gustavo)
2012-05-10 shahoianPossibility to ignore record weights or select on its...
2012-05-08 lietavaFix for adding TimeGroup to AliTriggerRecordESD during...
2012-05-05 shahoianAux.getters for MP2 record
2012-05-04 morschNew base class
2012-05-04 morschNew base class
2012-05-04 morschObsolete data member removed.
2012-05-03 rgrossoPrintf corrected
2012-05-02 morschadditional function, with which one can retrieve the...
2012-05-02 morschtwo virtual functions added
2012-05-01 morschReset non-standard containers
2012-05-01 hristovFixed warnings (Constantin)
2012-05-01 hristovChanges for #94138: Port update in Ali*CaloCells to...
2012-04-30 shahoian2 extra members for TRD dEdX (Xianguo, Marian)
2012-04-27 shahoianCoverity fix
2012-04-26 rgrossoremoving a useless Print
2012-04-26 agheataAliMCEventHandler::fPreReadMode was not streamable...
2012-04-25 shahoianAdded possibility of weighting according to run
2012-04-25 shahoianReverted to floats with range checking. Protection...
2012-04-25 morschInterface update.
2012-04-25 rgrossoDeleting array created with TString::Tokenize
2012-04-25 rgrossoCorrect if scope when getting from snapshot file
2012-04-24 shahoianFixes for grouping
2012-04-24 agheataMake friends available after the AliAnalysisManager...
2012-04-24 hristovChanges for #93916 EMCAL commit attached patch and...
2012-04-24 agheatabug #93969, Bug fix in AliAODExtension (Laurent)
2012-04-23 shahoianFixes for parameters aliases
2012-04-23 morschbug #93685: changes in AliAODTrack/ALiAODEvent - commit...
2012-04-22 shahoianPossibility to alias some params to others
2012-04-20 hristov#93696: changes in AliPIDCombined - commit to trunk
2012-04-19 morschError changed to info
2012-04-18 rgrossopossibility to cache when getting by id
2012-04-18 rgrossoPrintf replacing AliInfo to solve savannah ticket ...
2012-04-10 rgrossoadding protection for possible tabs interspersed among...
2012-04-10 morschFix for
2012-04-09 shahoianProtection against sqrt of negative value in Print
2012-04-07 rgrossocorrecting two typos
2012-04-07 shahoianError message will be printed when double value exceeds...
2012-04-06 shahoianConverted all float (AliLHCDipValF) records to double...
2012-04-06 cvetanBug fix. The BB flag in the esd friend was in fact...