Changing fabs into TMath::Abs
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STEER /
2008-05-15 rgrossomaking macro compilable and doing some clean-up
2008-05-15 morschUpdate on limit. (C. Oppedisano)
2008-05-15 morschRedundant file closing removed.
2008-05-15 rgrossomacro and bash script to check for cdb-paths and entrie...
2008-05-15 morschAliAODCluster.h: PID particle types like in ESD but...
2008-05-15 morschMoved from TDPMjet.
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-14 morschReplication of arrays in setters. (G. Conesa Balbastre)
2008-05-13 kleinbAdded option to reuse list in AliESDEvent, avoid delete...
2008-05-13 morschfFileA->ls(); removed.
2008-05-13 morschCopy arrays in assignment instead of the pointer; avoid...
2008-05-13 morschSeparate task for muon tracks added. (R. Arnaldi)
2008-05-13 morschA side LHC magnet fields. (Chiara Oppedisano)
2008-05-12 hristovAdditional protection
2008-05-10 belikovThe type of fTRDnSlices should be Int_t
2008-05-10 hristovAliESDCaloCluster.cxx,.h: Removed fM11 and related...
2008-05-09 morschLoop over mc and aod possible. (A. Mastroserio)
2008-05-09 hristovNew representation of the raw TRD PID signal in ESD...
2008-05-09 cvetanPossibility to fix some of the parameters. New method...
2008-05-09 kleinbImplemented Copy() function for all esd objects to...
2008-05-08 cvetanImplementation of the ACORDE reconstructor and ACORDE...
2008-05-08 cvetanBug fix
2008-05-07 schutzsuppressed closing the file after each QA maker call
2008-05-07 hristovAdditional protection: no update of V0 momentum without...
2008-05-06 hristovConvert some warnings to debug printouts
2008-05-06 jgrosseoadding functionality to retrieve trigger configuration...
2008-05-06 hristovUsing directly 1/Pt without constrain to estimate the...
2008-05-06 morschStandard quality cuts added.
2008-05-06 kleinbFixed GetTriggerAmplittudes
2008-05-05 belikovActive detectors are now taken from the RunLoader,...
2008-04-30 belikovCorrecting a minor bug (A. Dainese)
2008-04-29 cvetanRemoval of the simulated CDH which is not present in...
2008-04-29 schutzcheckin if owner before Delete
2008-04-29 schutzforgot a protection before delete
2008-04-29 schutzcleaning TObjArray
2008-04-29 schutzclosing files properly
2008-04-28 schutzchecking if geometry exist before loading it
2008-04-28 belikovAdding the data member for the nominal solenoid field
2008-04-28 schutzreading geometry during Init
2008-04-26 hristovFixed exit condition in the serach loops
2008-04-25 hristovUpdated version (Ernesto)
2008-04-25 hristovbugfix: making HLT reconstruction work for more than...
2008-04-24 schutzremoce setting of default OCDB directory
2008-04-23 morschchar_t* replaced by const char_t* in constructor (A...
2008-04-23 morschMap update. (R. Shahoyan)
2008-04-22 morschDefault constructor corrected.
2008-04-22 morschParticles() return const TObjArray*
2008-04-22 morschParticles() return const TObjArray*
2008-04-22 morschIn AliStack: TClonesArray* fParticles replaced by TClon...
2008-04-22 morschObsolete TrackReferences related code removed.
2008-04-21 morschTClonesArray* replaced by TClonesArray.
2008-04-21 zampolliChanging in the format of the GRP object read from...
2008-04-21 morschObsolete data member removed.
2008-04-21 hristovUpdates to keep DCS graph for selected sensors
2008-04-21 hristovBug fix (A.Rossi)
2008-04-21 hristovLoad libraries without extension (.so)
2008-04-20 zampolliUpdates in GRP Preprocessor (Ernesto)
2008-04-18 hristovAddtional protection (Chiara)
2008-04-18 hristovNew signature of the Check method (Yves)
2008-04-18 hristov- temporary fix to run HLT reconstruction without HLT...
2008-04-17 schutzremoe duplicate QA initialisation and do ESD QA for...
2008-04-17 schutzdo init of QADatamaker at one place only
2008-04-17 schutzdo init of QADatamaker at one place only
2008-04-17 schutzdo init of QADatamaker at one place only
2008-04-17 belikovBug fix in propagating ESD tracks to the DCA to primary...
2008-04-17 schutzsetting default storage for QA in Checker
2008-04-17 schutzFirst initialize CDB then call Init
2008-04-17 schutzMoving CDB dependence from AliQA to AliQADataMakerSteer
2008-04-16 schutzset default OCDB storage when QA ref dir is set
2008-04-16 schutzadded an event range taken from AliReconstruction to...
2008-04-16 belikovRemoving the troublesome / from the names of histograms
2008-04-16 hristovMethod to calculate the centroid of spectator neutrons...
2008-04-15 schutzadded protection and initilisation
2008-04-15 morschProtection in case we read older data.
2008-04-14 schutzbug
2008-04-14 schutzset the default CDB storage only id not ser previously
2008-04-14 schutzset the default CDB storage only id not ser previously
2008-04-14 schutzallow check in absence of reference data
2008-04-11 hristovHLT event reconstruction moved to beginning of reconstr...
2008-04-10 belikovBug fix: remapping the indices of tracks used for the...
2008-04-09 hristovUsing const char * instead of char *
2008-04-09 hristovUsing ARCH instead of PLATFORM
2008-04-09 hristovAdding the hit strips patterns (Bogdan)
2008-04-09 belikovBug fix in the size of the array of indices (A. Dainese)
2008-04-09 morschNew version based on AnalysisTask.
2008-04-09 hristovBug fix: missing return
2008-04-09 hristovUse TObject bit 22 to indicate if AliCentralTrigger...
2008-04-08 morschExtra protection in ReorderAndExpandTR
2008-04-08 morschBranchRef removed since it creates problems with the...
2008-04-07 morschUpdates for full field map (R. Shahoyan)
2008-04-07 morschFix needed to connect friends to trees and chains.
2008-04-07 morschQuick fix with dummy methods awaiting full implementati...
2008-04-07 morschWrapper for AliMagFCheb: set of magnetic field data...
2008-04-07 morschUpdates for full map (R. Shahoyan)
2008-04-07 morschMethods to obtain the integral of the field components...
2008-04-04 jgrosseofixing comment
2008-04-04 jgrosseoupdate following table schema change in DAQ
2008-04-03 schutzadded protection
2008-04-03 schutzchanfe char to TString
2008-04-03 morschGetter for 4-momentum added.