Optional scoring for background studies in HALL.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STRUCT / AliHALLv3.cxx
2012-01-17 morschOptional scoring for background studies in HALL.
2012-01-17 morschOption for more PX/RB 24 Shielding
2008-08-20 morschSome more tiny overlaps corrected.
2008-07-18 morschOverlap with pipe corrected.
2008-06-19 morschHole in shaft for ZDC_A
2008-06-18 morsch1mu overlap with SHIL corrected.
2008-06-12 morschAvoid some overlaps.
2008-06-11 morschOverlaps between dipole and hall corrected.
2008-06-11 morschSmall overlaps with SHIL corrected.
2007-11-13 morschRotation matrices right-handed.
2007-10-18 morschOverlaps with YOUT2 corrected.
2007-07-07 morschDebug statement removed.
2007-04-27 morschIncreases transport cuts in the tunnel.
2007-03-29 morschPoints 2 cavern/pit and shielding blocks as installed.