Corrections for SAA3 and compensator magnet.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / STRUCT / SHILConst.h
2003-10-08 morschCorrections for SAA3 and compensator magnet.
2003-04-14 morschRear shield back to default value.
2002-10-29 morschConstants start with k. Warnings corrected.
2002-07-08 morschPosition of bellow.
2001-10-25 morschNew beamshield geometry with increased tolerances and...
2000-12-11 morschdFree = 0.45;
2000-12-04 morschUpdate to geometry defined for the Muon Spectrometer...
2000-10-27 morschShield composition after muon project leader meeting...
2000-09-12 morsch- Updated constants for small angle shield.
2000-07-27 morschFixed position of end of 2deg cone
2000-07-26 morschPosition zch1 corrected (529 cm)
2000-06-12 morschDefault parameters for SHIL