for pass0 AliT0PreprocessorOffline.cxx
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / T0 / AliT0CalibTimeEq.h
2011-03-20 alla for pass0 AliT0PreprocessorOffline.cxx
2011-02-27 alla 1st draft for pass0
2009-12-08 allaprotection againt writing histograms with no data for...
2008-11-07 allaremoved warnings
2008-08-28 allaadd RMS of time shift distribution in OCDB
2008-08-27 allacalibration Zposition of vertex added
2008-02-19 allaReconstruction with measused calibration
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2007-12-06 alladata for new preprocessor
2007-11-23 allabug fixed
2007-11-23 allaData for calibration with DA data