changes in calibration to fix hardware bug
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / T0 / AliT0Calibrator.cxx
2009-12-07 allachanges in calibration to fix hardware bug
2009-12-01 allacalibration for coming collisions
2009-12-01 allabug fixed: walk correction sign
2009-06-21 allausing reco and trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-03 allafixed warnings from Federico mail
2009-05-28 allathe same calibration for cosmic and pdc data
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-04-15 allaQA with real checking
2008-04-10 alladigitizer and calibration for pdc
2008-04-04 alla bug with reading LED coor graph fixed
2008-03-31 allaimproved version of cosmic calibration & reconstruction
2008-03-13 allabug in reconstruction cosmic runs
2008-02-22 allareconstruction for both cases: cosmic and PDC08
2008-02-19 allaReconstruction with measused calibration
2008-01-09 alla violations fixed
2007-11-06 alla remove warnings
2007-06-13 cvetanNew version of CDB access (Alla). The Look-up-table...
2007-03-19 hristovCorrected include files
2007-03-19 allaCalibration class