Bug spotted by Raphael.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / T0 /
2010-05-01 fcaCorrections for QA
2010-04-27 hristovChanges for report #65459: port to STEER new AliESDTZER...
2010-04-21 allafixed warning
2010-04-19 fcaImproving printout of T0 triggers
2010-04-16 fcaMoving annoying message to debug
2010-04-12 allafixed warnings
2010-04-08 allaDA PHYSICS output
2010-04-08 alla prinout moved from AliWarning to AliDebug(10,..)
2010-04-08 fcaFixing T0 compilation
2010-04-07 alla Removing outlayers from spectra
2010-04-07 alla DA find only coorect peak
2010-04-06 allabug fix
2010-04-06 allaheader class AliTocaliblatency
2010-04-05 alla reading latency from OCDB
2010-04-05 alla reading latency from OCDB
2010-03-22 allawriting in T0.RecPoints calibrated time
2010-03-16 allawarning fixed
2010-03-15 allareconstruction vertex using calculated calble and elect...
2010-03-15 allabug in support structure fixed
2010-03-14 allaviolations were fixed
2010-03-05 allaDCS DP with correct getters
2010-03-04 alla Warnings fixed
2010-03-04 allaHistograms axis for new latency window
2010-03-04 allaadditional histograms to monitore T0 time in ns
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 allaL1 latency different for mean, OrA an OrC sides
2010-03-03 allamore strng write protection
2010-03-02 allawrong inlude removed
2010-03-01 allasmall bug in preprocessor fixed
2010-03-01 allaDA ouput for AMPLITUDE_CALIBRATION runs
2010-02-28 allaimproved amplitude calibration
2010-02-28 allanew DA for amplitude calibration
2010-02-26 hristovRemoving debug printout
2010-02-26 hristovChanges for report #62764: port to STEER new AliESDTZERO
2010-02-22 allamore strong protection from writing data
2010-02-17 allaheader with version number 3
2010-02-17 allaremove header with version number 4 ( 3 was skipped)
2010-02-17 allaReco Param with Latency and Vertex shift
2010-01-26 hristovFix for bug #60504: Error in AliEMCALRawUtils causing...
2010-01-14 allabug fix : slew correction in reconstruction from Digits...
2009-12-24 fcaBumping class version
2009-12-11 allamore protection for small number of entries
2009-12-08 allaprotection againt writing histograms with no data for...
2009-12-07 allachanges in calibration to fix hardware bug
2009-12-02 allaremove LASER runs treatment from preprocessor: we need...
2009-12-02 fcaFixing bug #57328
2009-12-02 allawith calibration up to 50MIPs it not crashes on very...
2009-12-01 allacalibration for coming collisions
2009-12-01 allabug fixed: walk correction sign
2009-11-25 allavertex histograms X axis in cm
2009-11-24 allarange of histograms which are needed for set time windo...
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-16 allabug fixed
2009-11-16 allapreprocessor with write protectiona nd new file simulat...
2009-11-15 allaprotection from old OCDB object
2009-11-13 fcaFix compilation on mac
2009-11-13 allaimproved monitoring
2009-11-13 allaprotection against exidental writing
2009-10-22 fcaQA mods to fix warnings
2009-10-22 allaremoved warnings
2009-10-13 alla removed forgotten printout
2009-10-13 alla bug in AliT0DCS fixed, now preprocessor should work
2009-10-12 allaPhys DA with variable number of reference PMT
2009-10-07 fcaCoding conventions, simplifications
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-01 allacorrect aliases in DCS map
2009-09-24 allaQA Checker checks only calibration events
2009-09-22 allamonitoring without using RecoParam with fixed parameter...
2009-09-17 alla more new monitoring histograms
2009-09-16 allanew monitoring histograms
2009-09-15 allamacros to produce new T0 Reco Param
2009-09-15 allachangeble histogram range for RAW QA and monitoring
2009-08-31 allareference distribution for kRAW kCalib case
2009-08-18 allatemporary fix of bug from Savannah report 54512
2009-08-06 hristovOnly one Check method needs to be implemented by detect...
2009-07-27 allaaddtional DSC alias from Tomek
2009-07-21 cvetanProtection against division by zero.
2009-07-11 alla changes in Rec QA needed for monitoring
2009-07-03 allaRAW QA only for calibration events
2009-07-03 cvetanPlease be more careful - never cache the data from...
2009-07-03 alla T0time -clock added
2009-07-03 cvetanT0 trigger inputs following trigger naming conventions...
2009-07-01 allamacro to produce RecoParam
2009-06-29 fcaChanging class version
2009-06-28 alla removed warnings
2009-06-25 allaupdated naming convesion on A-side for T0 alignment
2009-06-25 hristovTransfer of the initialisation of the QA Data objects...
2009-06-24 allavertex position sign fixed
2009-06-23 allaclass for multiplicity analysis and macro to run it...
2009-06-23 alladraw option added
2009-06-22 allaadd AliT0TriggerParameters
2009-06-22 hristovAdding AliTORecoParam
2009-06-21 allausing reco and trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-21 allausing reco and trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-21 allareco i trigger parameters for T0
2009-06-10 cvetanNewlines at EOF
2009-06-10 cvetan1.The QA data created on demand according to the event...
2009-06-08 hristovUse Riostream.h instead of iostream.h
2009-06-08 allachanged axis titles in QA plots