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2009-03-18 allanew QA SIM structure compiling now
2009-03-18 allanew QA SIM structure
2009-03-07 allafix for Savannah reprted bug to write Digits tree ...
2009-03-07 allafix for Savannah reprted bug to write Digits tree ...
2009-03-03 alla comments added to satisfy voilations
2009-03-03 alla voilations fixed as was possible
2009-02-16 allacorrect TrackRef usage for charged particles
2009-02-13 fcaRemoving obsolete files
2009-02-12 allabug in StepManager fixed, thanks to Andreas
2009-02-09 hristovMove back the non-OCDB files that were accidentaly...
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-09 allaadded TrackReference
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2009-02-01 fcaThe present commit corresponds to an important change...
2009-01-02 fcaSeveral Changes:
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-12-17 fcaRemoval of AliMCQA and of TreeH method on AliDetector
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2008-12-10 fcaFirst cleanup of Loaders
2008-11-21 allamisalignment macros with substituted TRandom generator...
2008-11-14 hristovBug fix (Tomasz)
2008-11-07 cvetanRemoving non-implemented and possibly not needed method...
2008-11-07 allaremoved warnings
2008-11-07 allaimproved version from Tomek
2008-11-07 allaremoved warnings
2008-11-07 allaimproved AliT0DataDCS from Tomek
2008-10-27 allafixed warnings
2008-10-27 allatypo fixed from Tomek
2008-10-27 allanew DSC datapoints and time stamp from Tomek
2008-10-27 alla to free the memory from Tomek
2008-10-27 allanew QA check structure and removed warnings
2008-10-27 allanew QA check structure and removed warnings
2008-10-24 allaadded
2008-10-22 allaremoved some warnings
2008-10-22 allaremoved some warnings
2008-10-21 hristovGet in sync with the base class
2008-09-26 allaprotection if kRAW added in QAMakerRec
2008-09-19 allabug in AliT0QAChecker fixed
2008-09-19 allaQA Checker improved
2008-09-19 allaremoved dependence from el module
2008-09-09 alladependence on reference point removed
2008-08-28 allamove printout from AliWarning to AliDebug
2008-08-28 allaadd RMS of time shift distribution in OCDB
2008-08-27 alla CDB as from new DA
2008-08-27 alla changed histograms range
2008-08-27 allacalibration Zposition of vertex added
2008-08-19 alla3d parameter to Add2RawsList in AliT0QADataMakerRec...
2008-07-31 fcaPreliminary files for CMake
2008-07-29 hristovUpdated misalignemt macros (Tomasz)
2008-07-25 hristovReset rawReader in MakeRaws (Yves)
2008-07-17 allaDA : 1st hit only collected
2008-07-16 allaadd DCS to Preprocessor LASER
2008-07-16 allaQA for monitoring
2008-07-16 allachoose only PHysics events for reconstruction
2008-07-16 allaPhys DA only for physics events
2008-07-16 allathe same histogram name as in DA
2008-07-11 allamacros to plot ESD plots from reconstructed cosmoc...
2008-07-11 allahistogram rate for monitoring
2008-07-10 alla DA for calibration runs. Should be changed before...
2008-07-10 alla new run type LASER implemented
2008-07-10 alla different reconstruction for high multiplicity
2008-07-09 allac++ bug fixed Thanks to Yves
2008-07-09 allafixes for crashing SHUTLLE
2008-07-07 allatemporary solution :cosmic DA instead of phys before...
2008-07-07 allaavoid crash of preprocessor if DA file is empty
2008-07-07 morsch2 overlaps corrected.
2008-07-06 allai don't see any more overlaps here
2008-07-04 hristovRemoving the assign operator (Yves)
2008-07-04 allacrash in ESD cheker fixed
2008-07-03 allaESD QA implemented
2008-06-26 allafixed overlap
2008-06-23 allafixed overlaps and volume names according convention
2008-06-19 cvetanWrong header file
2008-06-19 allaimproved QA
2008-06-16 allaoverlaps for Andreas fixed
2008-06-02 allaalignment macros from Tomek
2008-05-30 alla for current DA
2008-05-23 alla One more warning fixed
2008-05-23 alla preprocessor stored DCS points in RefCDB
2008-05-22 alla bug fix
2008-05-22 allasome warnings fixed
2008-05-20 allasome warnings fixed according Federico's request
2008-05-15 allaDCS points reading switch to TRUE to test this part
2008-05-14 hristovCompilation with gcc 4.3.0
2008-05-12 alla additional alignable volume from Tomek
2008-04-28 alla sorry i forgot commit header
2008-04-28 allarealistic QA REC checker
2008-04-25 allafixed redeclare the member data fHits(thanks Andreas)
2008-04-21 allainput for DA from Michal
2008-04-21 allanew Preprocessor and DA from Michal
2008-04-18 allaimproved time-amplitude corretion
2008-04-18 allaimproved time-amplitude corretion
2008-04-15 allaQA with real checking
2008-04-11 allaQA checker
2008-04-10 allatime delay from cosmic run
2008-04-10 alladigitizer and calibration for pdc
2008-04-10 allamisalignment macros with fixed typo from tomek
2008-04-08 allageometry without overlaps
2008-04-07 allamisalignment macro from Tomek
2008-04-04 allafix overlaps