Added fit macro from M. Putis
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / T0 /
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2011-01-14 alla Correction T0A and T0C by primary vertex applied for...
2010-12-20 allaAliT0Reconstructor : MPD ( full multiplicity signal...
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-11-30 allabug fixed
2010-11-25 jjoseAdded RuleChecker jars in trunk and updated CMake ...
2010-11-23 hristovAliT0QARefData is not in SVN
2010-11-22 allacontainer for season time shift
2010-11-10 allafixed warning
2010-11-01 allai forgot header, sorry
2010-11-01 allai forgot header, sorry
2010-10-31 allanew monitoring and checker
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-08 hristovFixes for #73467: Corrupted MUON hits when using AliRoo...
2010-09-23 allaprotection against electronic failture
2010-09-20 allaGRP clock phase usadge included
2010-09-10 allafixed: now preprocessor will not crash for 1st 17 ampli...
2010-09-10 allafixed: now preprocessor will not crash for 1st 17 ampli...
2010-09-06 alla version number
2010-09-06 alla Removed += and -+ from ESDfriends filling. Due to...
2010-09-02 allaWarning fixed, thanks Cvetan
2010-09-01 allaamplitude calibration up to 20MIPs
2010-08-16 alla less strong write condition
2010-08-10 allafixed memory leak
2010-08-10 allaT0Laserda with correct run type
2010-07-30 allainput file for PhysDA
2010-07-30 allamemory leak fixed
2010-07-30 allamacro to read ESD and to check calibration
2010-07-30 allamacro for set/get T0 OCDB
2010-07-29 allaremoved warnings
2010-07-28 allareconstruction for coming multibunch beams
2010-07-23 allawarnings removed
2010-07-22 allaamplitude cut removed
2010-07-20 alla warnings fixed , amlitude in ESD measured by QTC amplitude
2010-07-20 allaadded possibility to read TRM BC ID, calibration done...
2010-07-13 allawarnings fixed
2010-07-08 allacalculating number of calibration evetns according...
2010-07-02 allaviolations fixed
2010-06-30 allaRemoved warning
2010-06-29 allacalibration for recent and coming runs
2010-06-29 allaDA with removing violations and tuned to coming data
2010-06-28 allaremoved printout
2010-06-28 alla Writingg DSC DP only for physics runs
2010-06-28 allaimproved time and amplitude calibration
2010-06-24 allaremoved pritout
2010-06-22 allaphysics DA collects T0 information without printout
2010-06-22 allaphysics DA collects T0 information
2010-06-15 allafix for bug #66294
2010-06-14 allaHistogram range changed
2010-06-10 allafix for bugs #67031
2010-06-03 alla SDigits tree to sutisfy Savannha bug
2010-05-26 allamaterial cherenkov properties adopted to TGeo according...
2010-05-22 alla few mistyping fixed
2010-05-20 allafix hist name
2010-05-20 allaadded histogram range where could be maximum
2010-05-19 allaT0preprocessor will not wriet DCS DP during AMPLITUDE_C...
2010-05-15 alla vacuum fixed to fix bug bug #66618
2010-05-01 fcaCorrections for QA
2010-04-27 hristovChanges for report #65459: port to STEER new AliESDTZER...
2010-04-21 allafixed warning
2010-04-19 fcaImproving printout of T0 triggers
2010-04-16 fcaMoving annoying message to debug
2010-04-12 allafixed warnings
2010-04-08 allaDA PHYSICS output
2010-04-08 alla prinout moved from AliWarning to AliDebug(10,..)
2010-04-08 fcaFixing T0 compilation
2010-04-07 alla Removing outlayers from spectra
2010-04-07 alla DA find only coorect peak
2010-04-06 allabug fix
2010-04-06 allaheader class AliTocaliblatency
2010-04-05 alla reading latency from OCDB
2010-04-05 alla reading latency from OCDB
2010-03-22 allawriting in T0.RecPoints calibrated time
2010-03-16 allawarning fixed
2010-03-15 allareconstruction vertex using calculated calble and elect...
2010-03-15 allabug in support structure fixed
2010-03-14 allaviolations were fixed
2010-03-05 allaDCS DP with correct getters
2010-03-04 alla Warnings fixed
2010-03-04 allaHistograms axis for new latency window
2010-03-04 allaadditional histograms to monitore T0 time in ns
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 allawarnings fixed
2010-03-03 allaL1 latency different for mean, OrA an OrC sides
2010-03-03 allamore strng write protection
2010-03-02 allawrong inlude removed
2010-03-01 allasmall bug in preprocessor fixed
2010-03-01 allaDA ouput for AMPLITUDE_CALIBRATION runs
2010-02-28 allaimproved amplitude calibration
2010-02-28 allanew DA for amplitude calibration
2010-02-26 hristovRemoving debug printout
2010-02-26 hristovChanges for report #62764: port to STEER new AliESDTZERO
2010-02-22 allamore strong protection from writing data
2010-02-17 allaheader with version number 3
2010-02-17 allaremove header with version number 4 ( 3 was skipped)
2010-02-17 allaReco Param with Latency and Vertex shift
2010-01-26 hristovFix for bug #60504: Error in AliEMCALRawUtils causing...
2010-01-14 allabug fix : slew correction in reconstruction from Digits...