Updated maximum number of particles possible in HepMC
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TEvtGen / AliDecayerEvtGen.cxx
2014-07-04 ffiondaUpdate decay tables
2014-06-03 morschUpdates
2014-05-28 morschUpdates EvtGen Code
2013-03-11 morschCoverity fix
2013-02-21 morschPatches by Zaida
2012-12-18 morschChanges needed for MC production of J/psi from B with...
2012-12-14 shahoianCoverity fixes
2012-08-10 shahoianAliDecayers will return particles coordinates,time...
2012-08-07 hristovCompilation of TEvtGen
2012-07-04 morschCorrection
2012-05-10 morschLambdaBLambda force decay option added.
2010-01-20 morschAliDecayer realisation for the EvtGen code and EvtGen...