Check first if a material (element) has been predefined by FLUKA.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TFluka / TFlukaMCGeometry.h
2007-10-11 morschCheck first if a material (element) has been predefined...
2006-09-21 morsch- EffC++ warnings corrected
2006-04-27 morschWarning corrected.
2006-01-23 morschSome fixes in navigation with TGeo and implement the...
2005-09-20 alibraryFew mods for Darwin
2005-01-06 morsch- Creation of peg files taking into account cuts on...
2004-12-16 morschDeclaration of TGeoMaterial added.
2004-09-07 morsch-New method to retrive the update Sternheimer parameter...
2004-07-14 alibraryCoding conventions
2004-07-07 morschgeneration of .peg and .pemf files. (A. Gheata)
2004-06-16 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-05-27 morschMany corrections and upgrades. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-07 morschCode clean-up. (Andrei Gheata).
2004-04-14 morschGetRegionList and GetMaterialList added.
2004-04-08 morschGetFlukaMaterial method added. (A. Gheata)
2004-02-23 morschSome bug fixes (A. Gheata)
2004-02-04 morschModifications and add-ons in wrappers. (A. Gheata)
2004-01-30 morschInterface TGeo -> FLUKA (A. Gheata)