Debug print removed.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TFluka / source.cxx
2008-04-21 morschDebug print removed.
2008-04-18 morschIsomeres are supported.
2008-04-17 morschSupport for heavy ions as primary in source.cxx
2007-10-16 morschCorrect status during PreTrack()
2007-10-15 morschProtection in calculation of sqrt(1-c*c) expression.
2006-09-21 morsch- EffC++ warnings corrected
2005-12-14 morschOne more correction multi-event handling.
2005-12-13 morschCorrection needed for multi-event/run.
2005-09-12 morschMainly cosmetics.
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2004-10-27 morschUse FLUKA particle masses !
2004-10-06 morschParticleMass(..), ParticleName(..), ParticleCharge...
2004-07-31 morschCorrect initialisation of cmpath.
2004-07-31 morschUse OPPHST for optical photons.
2004-07-07 morschOption to use Flugg removed.
2004-05-27 morschClean-up (A. Gheata)
2004-05-07 morschCode clean-up. (Andrei Gheata).
2004-02-23 morschFixed IsNewTrack()
2004-01-30 morschCompiling option WITH_ROOT added (Andrei Gheata).
2003-08-14 morschSource passes also untracked secondaries to FLUKA
2003-07-30 morschUpdate to new vmc.
2003-07-22 morschBeginPrimary() added.
2003-06-10 morschSome print statements commented.
2003-06-05 morschCurrent track number correctly stored in stack.
2003-02-18 morschcosz corrected (was always positive).
2003-01-31 morschCalls to FinishPrimary, PostTrack and PreTrack added.
2002-11-07 iglez2Small mod to make it more portable
2002-10-22 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...