Slats mapping files in NonBending
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TFluka /
2004-07-04 morschGeometry initialisation outside loop.
2004-07-04 morsch- Updates for root version 4.00/07
2004-06-30 morschRICH and TPC update.
2004-06-24 morschSyntax correction.
2004-06-16 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-06-16 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2004-06-07 alibraryNew return value for ProcessRun
2004-05-28 morschUpdate needed for new fluka version. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschUpdates needed for fluka. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschSync with TFlukaGeo.h
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschMany corrections and upgrades. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschAbort statement commented out. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschParticle code range protection. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschClean-up (A. Gheata)
2004-05-26 morschcrnkvp.f
2004-05-26 morschFirst commit.
2004-05-09 alibrarySmall cleanup of flags
2004-05-07 morschCode clean-up. (Andrei Gheata).
2004-05-04 morschLocal and global quantum efficiency maxima are stored.
2004-05-04 morschQuantum efficiency implemented by setting energy deposi...
2004-05-04 morschSet process material to -1 for global call of SetProcess.
2004-04-14 morschFor cuts on electrons and gammas via EMFCUT: use list...
2004-04-14 morschGetRegionList and GetMaterialList added.
2004-04-14 morschTFlukaCerenkov added.
2004-04-08 morschGstpar implemented.
2004-04-08 morschGetFlukaMaterial method added. (A. Gheata)
2004-03-31 morschAdd sensitivity flag.
2004-03-31 morsch- Close files
2004-03-31 morschGet current material from Geometry Modeller.
2004-03-30 morschChanges needed to get Cerenkov photon production and...
2004-03-30 morschTFlukaCerenkov added.
2004-03-30 morschRoutines interfaced to TFlukaCerenkov and TFlukaGeo.
2004-03-30 morschClass to store optical properties for cerenkov photon...
2004-03-26 morschFormat statements corrected. (E. Futo)
2004-03-25 morschSome elements added.
2004-03-25 morschChange to C-style output format. (E. Futo)
2004-03-22 morschInclude TFlukaGeo.
2004-03-22 morschUse GetDefaultEventFolderName() instead of AliConfig...
2004-03-03 morschRemoved data members put back.
2004-03-02 morschSome clean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-02-23 morschCerenkov production switched off.
2004-02-23 morschFixed IsNewTrack()
2004-02-23 morschSome bug fixes (A. Gheata)
2004-02-11 morschAssume alice.inp in local directory.
2004-02-11 morschConfiguration in synch with ConfigPPR.C (E. Futo).
2004-02-11 morschFix in material cards creation for duplicated names...
2004-02-11 morschAssume that alice.inp is created in local directory.
2004-02-11 morschProtection against icode==11 [to be clarified]. (E...
2004-02-10 morschRemoved as it is a temporary file.
2004-02-10 morschImprovements in Wrappers. (A. Gheata)
2004-02-04 morschNew scripts (A. Gheata)
2004-02-04 morschModifications and add-ons in wrappers. (A. Gheata)
2004-02-04 morschUpdate to be in phase with TFluka.cxx
2004-02-04 morschCorrected path to FlukaMat.inp to point to current...
2004-02-04 morschsource_pbpb added.
2004-01-30 morschOption to compile with TGeo added (A. Gheata)
2004-01-30 morschOption to run with TGeo added.
2004-01-30 morschCompiling option WITH_ROOT added (Andrei Gheata).
2004-01-30 morschInterface TGeo -> FLUKA (A. Gheata)
2004-01-27 morschMaterial definition and assignment merged during initia...
2004-01-27 morschCall FGeometryInit::Init().
2004-01-26 morschUpdates needed for geant4.6 and fluka2004.
2004-01-21 morschMissing constant included.
2004-01-20 morschParticles are flagged for transport (done = 0).
2003-11-25 morschFluka user source routine using AliGenerator.
2003-11-25 morschFluka user routines using the AliRoot libarry.
2003-10-03 morschMake compatible with TVirtualMC.
2003-09-11 alibraryUpdate comment
2003-08-14 morschSource passes also untracked secondaries to FLUKA
2003-08-14 morschProdProcess corrected.
2003-08-14 morschCode causing warning messages during compilation corrected.
2003-08-14 morsch- IdFromPdg: special case for optical photons
2003-07-30 morschUpdates for newio and newvmc.
2003-07-30 morschInput for TPC and RICH simulation.
2003-07-30 morschRun aliroot in batch mode.
2003-07-30 morschUpdate to new vmc.
2003-07-25 morschFluka pid -1 converted to cerenkov id used in AliRoot.
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-07-23 morschFunctions for optical properties added. First version...
2003-07-23 morschUser functions for optical properties.
2003-07-22 morschNot used for boundary crossing anymore.
2003-07-22 morschTwo Stepping calls at boundary crossing.
2003-07-22 morsch- Position available at boundary crossing
2003-07-22 morschBeginPrimary() added.
2003-07-14 morschOne constant corrected.
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-11 morschAdaption to new fluka common blocks (E. Futo)
2003-07-11 morschNew header files.
2003-07-11 morschNew physics processes and cuts added (E. Futo)
2003-06-10 morschPhysics configuration via modified input cards. (E...
2003-06-10 morschSetCaller() calls added to identify the routine that...
2003-06-10 morschPrint statement removed.
2003-06-10 morschDon't call stepping.
2003-06-10 morschIntroduce verbosity level.
2003-06-10 morschSome print statements commented.
2003-06-10 morschCorrect loop over secondaries.
2003-06-10 morschprint statement commented
2003-06-05 morschMag. field activated.