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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TFluka /
2006-05-15 morschCorrections for synchronisation of TFluka and FLUKA...
2006-04-27 morschWarning corrected.
2006-03-03 hristovSimplified initioalization of MUON
2006-03-01 hristovUsing the new (TGeo) geometry of TPC
2006-03-01 hristovCurrentMedium is the new name of GetMedium
2006-03-01 morschSome protections against 0-pointers returned for media...
2006-01-26 morschAfter FindNextBoundary, TGeo should be put in the initi...
2006-01-25 morschIons have to be added to root particle database.
2006-01-25 morschRemove warning message.
2006-01-25 morschWrite RANDOMIZ card with random seed.
2006-01-25 morschLink random.dat
2006-01-25 morschOpen random.dat.
2006-01-24 morschComments added.
2006-01-24 morschnewplo restored
2006-01-24 morsch- Two debug routines removed.
2006-01-23 morsch- Use of enum constants instead of litteral constants
2006-01-23 morschSome fixes in navigation with TGeo and implement the...
2006-01-23 morsch- printf warnings replaces by Warning(..)
2006-01-23 morschCodes for processes, callers and particles used in...
2006-01-10 morsch- Correct setting of FUDGEM parameter.
2005-12-20 morschPrint statements removed.
2005-12-20 morsch- Make sure that all cuts are taken into account indepe...
2005-12-16 morschFlag interrupted track in EMSTK instead of TRACKR.
2005-12-14 morschOne more correction multi-event handling.
2005-12-13 morschCorrection needed for multi-event/run.
2005-12-12 morsch- particle below transport threshold is attached to...
2005-11-03 hristovAll detectors active. Shish-kebab geometry for EMCAL
2005-11-02 hristovAdditional protection
2005-10-20 morschRemove pemf generation. (fca)
2005-10-20 morschObsolete code removed. (fca)
2005-10-20 morschObsolete code removed (fca).
2005-10-11 hristovRemoving extra semicolons
2005-10-03 morschNeutron cuts according to FLUKA groups. (Ernesto Lopez...
2005-09-20 alibraryFew mods for Darwin
2005-09-12 morschMainly cosmetics.
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2005-09-01 morschUpdates needed for FLUKA2005.6
2005-09-01 morschCommon block updates needed for fluka2005.6
2005-09-01 morschFirst commit common block (FLKSTK)
2005-09-01 morschRemoved.
2005-09-01 morschfinuc replaced by genstk
2005-09-01 morschepisor replaced by sourcm
2005-09-01 morschbeam replaced by beamcm
2005-09-01 morschstars replaced by sumcou common.
2005-06-07 morschObsolete files removed.
2005-05-27 morschCorrections in PAIR in PRODCUT.
2005-05-26 morschOnly put particles which are actually transported on...
2005-05-26 morschEMFRGN common block added.
2005-04-28 morsch- CurrentVolPath implemented
2005-04-28 morschChange in preparation of move to FLUKA-nopemf.
2005-04-11 morschNORLAT common block added. (Andrei Gheata)
2005-04-11 morschSome corrections. (A. Gheata)
2005-03-29 morschCorrection in EMFCUT SDUM=PROD-CUT
2005-03-14 morschStepping called at each production point.
2005-03-11 morschProtection added (A. Gheata)
2005-03-08 morschBug in lun assignment for user scoring corrected.
2005-02-28 morschDummies for consistency with current root/vmc introduced.
2005-02-22 morschMaterial and volume names in comment lines to simplify...
2005-02-17 morsch- Name output unit 11 "fluka.out"
2005-02-17 morsch- Correct card for optical properties diielectroc-METAL...
2005-02-09 morschUncomment accidentally commented line.
2005-02-07 morschImplement g3 behaviour for metal surface.
2005-02-07 morschPossibility to define reflectivity of optical medium.
2005-01-30 morschSome corrections for caller == 40.
2005-01-24 morschProblem with boundary crossing on common boundaries...
2005-01-14 morschTrack properties are saved when transport has been...
2005-01-14 morschFixes avoiding double counting of energy deposition...
2005-01-07 morschAccess to default cuts and flags.
2005-01-07 morschImportant change in initialisation calling sequence.
2005-01-06 morsch- Creation of peg files taking into account cuts on...
2005-01-05 morschPossibility to define Fluka specific scoring options...
2004-12-17 morschVolId: remove trailing spaces in volume name.
2004-12-16 morschWriting of FLUKA input cards for physics configuration...
2004-12-16 morschDebug printf removed.
2004-12-16 morschDeclaration of TGeoMaterial added.
2004-12-09 morschComplete implementation of CurrentMaterial.
2004-12-09 morschWrite FLUKA specific scoring output at the end of a...
2004-11-24 morschicode = 59: kPLightRefraction added.
2004-11-19 morschSome correction in physics configuration.
2004-10-27 morschUse FLUKA particle masses !
2004-10-27 morschCorrection of sparok and isork.
2004-10-22 morsch- Program stops if pemf file not present.
2004-10-22 morschObsolete file removed.
2004-10-22 morschCorrections for delta-ray and electrons cuts.
2004-10-21 morschTwo methods declared const.
2004-10-20 morschObsolete method removed.
2004-10-12 morschSmall correction.
2004-10-12 morsch- Return from Gstpar if material is not used.
2004-10-08 morschMaxStep() based on STEPSZ common implemented.
2004-10-08 morschSetMaxStep implemented via FSTEPSZ common.
2004-10-07 morschCorrect icode and edep sequence.
2004-10-07 morschStep size region by region.
2004-10-06 morschParticleMass(..), ParticleName(..), ParticleCharge...
2004-10-06 morschClass for storage of user scoring options.
2004-10-06 morschAlice dependencies removed.
2004-10-06 morschReplacing corealice.inp
2004-10-06 morschChanged to coreFlukaVmc.inp
2004-09-17 morschUpdate.