Correction in CompareElement (to prevent from crash when vacuum (z<1) is passed.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / TGeant4 / TG4GeometryServices.cxx
2001-10-08 hristovCorrection in CompareElement (to prevent from crash...
2001-08-21 ivanaUpdated class description: added class title, author;
2001-08-09 ivanamethods NofSensitiveDetectors(), GetVolumeID(), GetVolu...
2001-08-08 ivanaupdate to geant4 3.2 - RW calls changed to STL
2001-02-13 ivanaupdated to renaming in global category
2001-01-23 ivananew method SetUserLimits() added
2000-12-20 ivanaInitial version